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French Cuffs and Tennis Shoes. . . Only in Alaska

Updated on July 8, 2011

We're back in Alaska for seasonal employment. Our permanent residence is Florida. My husband and I seem to think there's something about Alaska that brings out the quirkiness in people. Let's start with the signage of our next door neighbor. . .

You need to understand we live in a condo that requires two keys to enter. One for the outside door, and a completely different key for the inside. There are also cameras, and an indoor parking garage for further security. Still... our neighbor finds it necessary to put up this welcoming sign: WE DON'T CALL 911. Do you notice that the horseshoe is upside down too? Hmmm... can't wait to meet this bird. Yesterday, I saw her put a shopping cart in front of her door. She filled it up with garbage. Nice. So I guess this is the scenario: A potential robber/thief/ guy manages to get through the downstairs door, he makes his way up to the third floor where he trips over the shopping cart filled with garbage before getting shot.

Only in Alaska!

Yesterday, we were walking around a lake behind the University of Alaska Anchorage. UAA to be exact. First thing we noticed were all the dogs traipsing around without leashes. Of course this was in perfect alignment with the signs stating: ALL DOGS MUST BE ON A LEASH.

Anyway, going around a bend in the path, we came upon three beaver dams. How exciting right? Floridians aren't used to seeing beaver dams. About this time, a lady came lunging toward us camera in hand, lips pursed. She whispers in a smoker's voice, " The mean one is over there." She points to a nearby bunch of sticks. "It chased me, and panted at me yesterday!"

Since she was clearly distraught, I cavalierly said," Don't worry... we'll put you behind us if the beaver comes after you now." Camera lady looks at me and says, "Oh I can outrun you any day honey!" "Huh?" So much for consoling this one.

Aggressive Beavers

We later found out the true grit on this aggressive beaver. Here you go... It seems that Momma Beaver has three babies. Big, woofy- stink dog tries to swim near her lodge... Momma proceeds to bite the dog's feet! Go beaver! Go beaver. Of course Momma Beaver is then labeled AGGRESIVE. There's kind of an indirect justice being accomplished here. I wish I'd seen the action. I would have been on the bank yelling and clapping and cheering for the beaver. Whose lake is it anyway?

Only in Alaska.

French Cuffs and Tennis Shoes

My husband was in the elevator the other day on his way to work. A young man enters the elevator, looks him over casually and says, "French cuffs and tennis shoes."

What a hoot! Ain't that the truth? The sneakers are needed because he has to walk a pretty far piece. The french cuffs are just because he's a pretty spiffy guy. But added to the unusual wearing apparel. My husband has become a walking Radio Shack. He comes complete with not only french cuffs and tennis shoes... he's got four cell phones, one big transmitter thing, and about four different sets of keys. Outlandish you say? Of course not!

After all. . . it's Alaska.

I'm thinking that if we do this "gig" again next summer, we'll get a sign that says, BEWARE OF AGGRESIVE BEAVER. Then we'll stack all of our cell phones, radios, keys, digital cameras, laptops and other junk in a big basket in front of our condo door.

Who says Floridians can't become Alaskans?


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    • profile image

      65Mustang 6 years ago

      As always, when you depart a State, my adventure is over. You have such a wonderful way of letting me know, through your writing, what is going on that will make me chuckle. Hope you have a safe trip back and know you will LOVE getting back to work. Love ya

    • profile image

      65Mustang 6 years ago

      Am looking for any new posting, What are you guys floating on some glacier? We are melting here, tomorrow is 100+ and Friday will be 105+....the thought of a glacier now makes me cool.

    • coynea profile image

      coynea 6 years ago

      65Mustang.... needed for Alaska. Wonder where she is now?

    • profile image

      65Mustang 6 years ago

      Hi Guys, sorry this has taken me so long to respond...been out 1820'ing this past weekend. Plus, have a new "smartphone" (the only smartness is I don't have any yet) and can't seem to be able to do whatever it is I need to do. I have an emergency schedule meeting (SB) tonight and won't be able to read it - however, I WILL BE BACK and follow the footsteps of my dear sister and her never ending adventures. Ann, I still think you should write a book (or at least keep a diary, like mom). You certainly have the nack!

      PS...just so you know, we are at 94degrees by the weekend (Friday) it will be triple just go ahead and enjoy that cool weather....we will enjoy the dark nights for sleeping. hehe

      Love ya, Sis and Tom

    • profile image

      DeRose 6 years ago

      Fun reading. Sounds like another wonderful summer adventure!

      Keep sharing! :-)

    • profile image

      coynea 6 years ago

      We are really having fun. It's almost like having a split personality. Thanks for reading.

    • slmorgan profile image

      slmorgan 6 years ago from San Francisco

      Very funny. I love the photos of the different signs. Have fun in Alaska!