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French Lessons - Learn French

Updated on February 22, 2011

Speak French

Speak French Fluently and open another world. Listening to the television set and watching the news you usually only get a few perspectives but when you speak another language you can get another view of things. Learn to speak French and travel the country with more confidence. There is so much to gather from studying this beautiful language.

Some may think you need to travel to France to encounter the need to speak the French language, not so. More than 29 countries in the world hold French as their official language including a large part of Africa. Quebec, Ontario and New Brunswick Canada, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, parts of Maine and Louisiana in the US are all French speaking areas. So you see it is easy to encounter a French speaking population.

Learning one language will sometime lead to understanding others and French is such a beautiful language. Impress your friends by watching a movie in another language without translation or reading a restaurant menu without giving the, “Maitre d” that, “what is this look.”

Learning a language is not difficult if you have the advantage of having a good learning situation. Having the advantage of speaking with someone who speaks the language naturally is a great asset. Today there are disc and interactive websites for that. With web cams it is easy to find a language partner to swap languages with; you teach me and I will teach you.

Learning to speak French requires commitment, and the will to alter in some cases your way of looking at words. Tapes, books, disc, are all learning elements. If you think introducing a new language is too difficult buy yourself a child's disc and study. Study with the kids in your family, learn the language with them. But learn this wonderfully romantic form of speech.

Many communities have an area where people with other languages like to gather. Make a point to drop in every once in a while. The method of speech is faster in some languages and growing accustomed to the difference in the sound can throw you off at first. Becoming familiar with the sound of a native speaker will help learning the lingo a lot easier.

A fantastic way to speak French fluently is to watch your favorite movie or try Most people have played some movies so many times they know every line. Go to the menu area and change the language, French is one and watch the whole movie in French this is such a great learning tool; and its fun. Each person has their own speed and method of learning that fits them best. There are some great learning ideas available, travel and wonderful friends are two.

Learn French


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    • Tiffany Latte profile image

      TiffanyLatte 6 years ago from USA

      Je vous en prie.

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      alocsin 6 years ago from Orange County, CA

      Merci pour la lesson.