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Fuel Economy --Every Drop Counts-Save fuel in our cars

Updated on May 19, 2011

Hybrid Cars- car Fuel efficiency

how do hybrid cars work ?Yuel Efficient cars can save you thousands of dollars in petrol costs
how do hybrid cars work ?Yuel Efficient cars can save you thousands of dollars in petrol costs

Ways to Save on fuel

As the price of fuel goes up we all need to consider how we can cut our costs down while still using our car when really needed..Are you looking for ways to save money on your petrol every week ?

One way we save on petrol is by not using our car to go to the local shops every time we go . .I ride my bike to the shops, doctors and the local pool rather than drive our diesel 4 wheel drive .

The benefits of riding the bike is that I save not only on fuel, but wear & tear on the tyres , get fresh air and exercise for myself as well as not having to spend time looking for a car park.

When we go to the shop on the weekend we walk there together as it is only a couple of blocks away .It also gives us time to enjoy each others company as we walk and talk .

Look around for cheaper petrol rather than filling up at the first petrol station you come across as you can save a lot of money this way.

Work out which day the petrol is cheaper in your area & fill up that day rather than queing up on a busy day when it is at its dearest price .

Often Tuesday is the cheapest day for petrol.

The lady next to us in the park drives her 4 wheel drive down to the shop every day instead of walking .

Say it cost $3 a day to start her car up & drive there , Start up again & drive back then that is $21 a week

$84 a month

Approximatly $1000 a year with her doing one trip a day , somedays she goes more than once .

The other option is to do a weekly shop rather than 7 daily shops .

Ride a Bike & save petrol

Use a bike for short close trips
Use a bike for short close trips

fuel economy improvement

When you go to buy a car have a good think about the size of car you need .

If you are considering a 4 wheel drive work out how many times you would take it out bush or on sand.Some never take their 4 wheel drive out of their town or city.

It could work out better to buy a smaller car for use in town then hire a 4 wheel drive for a day out in the bush when and if you are ready to do some 4wh driving.

This way you will save on your fuel as well as prices for your tyres , car insurance etc.

Do you really need to drive as fast as you do ? By driving slower you will use less Petrol and you won't get to your destination much later !

Empty your car off unneccesary items , maybe a roofrack or bike rack inbetween use if it is not being used on a daily basis or junk in your boot.

Make sure your tyres are at the right pressure for your car as this will have an impact on fuel economy .

Check your air filter & buy a new one if it is dirty as a dirty air filter restricts the flow of air into the engine,

Don't leave your car idling when your stopped for long on the phone , talking to friends etc, turn the motor off and conserve your fuel.

Do you really need the airconditioner on the whole time ? Park your car under a tree to keep it cool as well as buying a windscreen sun protector to keep the heat from the sun will also reduce the amount of fuel that evaporates frm your car.

Try to do one trip into town and do the little things you need to do on your shopping day.

Share the driving with friends and family .

Do car pooling for work & school either do alternate days or weeks to suit you both.

If you live in town & want takeaway for dinner why not take advantage of a free delivery service to your house now & then rather than drive there yourself.

If you need to buy something , rather than driving around town to check out prices why not do it from home on the internet or phone ?

Think about fuel saving cars such as  hybrids cars as an option

Hybrid Cars-- fuel saving cars

Have you considered owning a hybrid car & how do hybrid cars work?

A hybrid car is a vehicle that utilizes two types of technologies for energy. This could be a bus that uses electrical power through overhead lines lines and diesel power to run an engine, for example. However, the term “hybrid car” usually refers to an automobile that has both a conventional gas engine and a bank of batteries, and shares the demand for power between these two sources.

Some companies have gone further with hybrid car technology by building cars that can be plugged in at night to charge batteries that can power the vehicle for up to 150 miles (241 km) before needing to switch over to the gas engine

Reference from

Toyota Prius

Fuel Efficiency

Save momey on fuel
Save momey on fuel

How to save on Petrol


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