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Buy Fun Beach Towels for Kids

Updated on October 4, 2011

Their lips may be blue, their teeth chattering, but no matter how cold they may be, it’s always a battle for my sister to drag her kids out of the water in summer — or any other time of the year. My niece and nephew live in Hawaii, you see, so plunging body temperatures due to excessive pool or ocean time is a real issue that she deals with almost daily. Even in the tropics, little bodies get cold after too much time in the drink.
We should all have such problems, I know.
Tired of wheedling or threatening to get her way, my sister decided to bribe and manipulate.
My nephew is Scooby Doo’s number one fan. He watches Scooby Doo mysteries whenever he can, falls asleep between Scooby Doo sheets and regularly demands Scooby Snacks when he returns home from school.
The day my sister surprised him with his very own Scooby Doo beach towel was the first time she didn’t have to fight a pitched battle to get him out of the pool. Nobody else is allowed to touch the towel, not even his aunt. When he goes to the beach with friends, sharing does not apply to that Scooby Doo towel. And heaven forbid his little sister get her hands on that sacred swatch of terry cloth!
Of course, my niece had to be bribed out of the water every bit as much as her brotherhad to be bribed. She’s a little more open minded in her devotions, so my sister hedged and got a Dora the Explorer towel and one with animals since the girl loves animals. Both were popular and did the trick in the short term, only now my nephew is screaming Not Fair that his sister has two cool towels while he has just one.
This “dilemma” sound familiar to any parents out there?
Regardless, a fun beach towel your child can call her own this summer will make packing up for any beach or pool days feel like less of a chore.

Obviously Amazon has a selection of fun beach towels, most at reasonable prices. For a wider selection, look at nearby stores. Among the places most likely to carry towels geared at kids are Target, Ross Dress for Less, TJ Maxx, Kohl's, and maybe Old Navy.

Happy hunting, and enjoy your summer!


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      Kids Towels 6 years ago

      That's what's great about kids towels, whether for the bathroom or the beach. Aside from the quality, there's always that favorite design for every child.