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Fun Day Trip From Palermo

Updated on January 31, 2012

Day Trip From Palermo


3 Amazing Things You Can See in 1 Day

Palermo is an incredible city to visit with tons to do but it also can be a city of noise and it's not very easy to get around. After you have seen all the sights of Palermo why not head out for a easy day trip?

We used Nova Car Hire to do our trips and they have the best rates. We rented cars for around 23 Euros a day with unlimited kilometers included - prices could be inflated for the summer month.

You might have noticed that Palermo is full of traffic nightmares and driving there will cost you tons of nerves. Just keep in mind, once you are out of the city .. it's all good!

Let's start with the day trip. For our first stop we chose Segesta.

If you like Greek ruins you will love the stop in Segesta. The temple never got finished and was just a show off item for the powerful in Athens. Find out more about this story here: Sicily Blog.

After you visited the temple hike up (or take the shuttle bus) to the theater. If you have the time choose to walk since will have many photo oppurtinities to take photographs of the temple.

The reward will be an incredible view of the theater and the hills and sea of Sicily.

More information: The ruins of Segesta

Town + Earthquake = Art

During an other road trip we visited Noto an other Sicilian town which got destroyed by an earthquake and rebuilt from scratch. After we stopped in Segesta drove to Gibellina which got hit by an 6.1 earth quake in 1968. There almost nothing left except fot this bizarre peach of art.

Alberto Burri took the remains and tons of cement to built odd shapes preserving the original lay out of the city. Well worth a visit.

More info: Gibellina Burri Art



Our Last Stop - Corleone

The drive from Gibellina to Corleone took forever. We chose little country side roads but they were in such a bad conditions that we had to drive very slowly.

But once we arrived we parked the car, got some lunch and set off to explore the town taking advantage of the last hours of day light.

We had blast!

And yes name of popular TV Show "The Sopranos" was inspired by Corleono as well .. the castle you see in the photo is called Soprano. No need to get into the details of "The GodFather"

We meant to go to the Mafia Museum but ran out of time.

Many more pictures: Corleone

A markerSegesta -
Segesta, 91013 Calatafimi-Segesta Trapani, Italy
get directions


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    • shameemweb profile image

      shameemweb 5 years ago from India

      Nice place to visit in vacation thanks for the coverage

    • ethel smith profile image

      Eileen Kersey 5 years ago from Kingston-Upon-Hull

      Lucky man. It would have been cold I guess. But what fun anyways

    • Travel Blogs profile image

      Travel Blogs 5 years ago from The world

      Thank you Elearn4Life, this was my first hubpage, can't write to write more travel related ones! This made my day.

    • Elearn4Life profile image

      Darlene Matthews 5 years ago

      This is great! It should be apart of a book!I feel like I was there. Great job. Keep writing and welcome aboard!