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Fun Things To Do In The Snow

Updated on September 28, 2011

When winter is on in full force, your choices of activities get narrowed dramatically. It's cold and dreary outside, but there is a bright side. With winter comes snow, and a good snow shower can make up for a lot of days of boredom. Especially if it results in you getting a snow day from school or work. The next step is deciding on what to do with your new found freedom from your everyday grind.

If you want to know all the fun activities to be enjoyed on a snow day, you have found the right article. I am going to give you the benefit of my personal experience and the experiences of many of my friends to make sure that your next snow day is the best yet.

First we will start off with the simple yet fun activities. The ones that need no explanation. First on the list is the always fun Snow Man Building, then Snow Ball Fights, and finally making Snow Angels. The most difficult of these is probably building Snow Men, but it is always fun to see who can make the coolest one. A tip for the Snow Angels is to have a friend help you up to keep out unwanted hand prints.

The next part of the list is all about snow sculptures and buildings. Some of these aren't so simple and I am including some instructions to get you on the right path. These structures include snow caves, snow chairs, and snow forts.

Building Snow Caves

Snow caves are by far the easiest structures to build out of snow. To have a really simple time of it, you will only need a snow shovel and a spade or smaller shovel. To get started just pile up a lot of snow. Once you have it several feet high and several feet around, pack the top and sides of the mound. This will help to keep it from caving in later. After you are satisfied with the mound, start digging out the middle. Make sure to only dig the opening large enough for you to crawl through. Once it is all dug out, you can enjoy your new cave.

Building a Snow Chair

Snow chairs are very easy to build. The biggest issue with this one is planning. You need to be sure that is is big enough and strong enough to hold you. The same tools will be used for the snow chair as the cave, just two shovels. The process is very similar as well. First you pile up a lot of snow, and make sure that it is large enough to be packed down to the correct size. After you have a large mound, pack it down really well. Then you start shoveling away the snow in the middle to form a chair with arms and a back. Once you have the basic shape you are going for, pack it down again well enough to hold your weight. Then you can enjoy your hand made snow chair.

Building a Snow Fort

Snow Forts take a little more skill than other snow structures, but they are still fun to make with friends. You will need the same equipment as with the cave and chair, but you'll also need something to mold the snow in. This mold could be a tupperware container, five gallon bucket, or something else similar. You need to fill your chosen mold with snow and pack it together really tight into a block. It is important to make sure your block is packed tight and strong so that your fort will last a long time. Then you need to lay out the bottom layer of blocks into the fort shape. Be sure to build it large enough for you and your friends to get inside. Then you simply stagger the next row of blocks until it is the height you want it to be. Then you can enjoy your fort and have the upper hand in a snow ball fight.

Video Instructions: How to Build a Snow Fort


No matter what snowy activity you decide on, it is always a great thing to do with family or friends. Everyone needs to get outside and spend time with the people close to them, and that is why Print A For Sale Sign proudly sponsors articles such as these. When it's time to sell your car or truck, check out printaforsalesign.coms free car for sale signs.


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