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Fun activities in London for pleasure of your kids

Updated on January 28, 2009

What all visitors to London coming with kids can do to make their kids happy

Any trip gets lively and fresh when you have kids with you while traveling and when it comes to a trip to London, that is a perfect place, but in order to make it a lovely and fabulous trip for your kids also, you need to know places which are especially made up for kids and just for kids. Many people find fun and satisfaction in keeping their little ones happy.

You can do a variety of fun activities for pleasure of your kids like:

  1. Taking your kids through different modes of public transport like The Tube or London underground train ride, taking them on top of the London's infamous red buses.
  2. As far as for main sightseeing attractions, take them to some large and fascinating attractions, for example, Tower Bridge and Tower of London. Watching the size of these tall monuments would be really amazing for them, even for the grownup kids!
  3. Taking them to London Dungeon can also add pleasure to their trip! This can be scary for small kids, but grownups will love it!
  4. You can take them to world's popular waxworks, Madame Tussauds, as well.
  5. You can also take them to the London Zoo and they will love staying over there while watching natural animals like elephant, chimpanzees, etc.

London Zoo and World's popular waxworks at Madame Tussauds are great entertainment places for your kids

Parks are always a fun place for kids in London or anywhere

If you would like to travel a bit further, then you can visit, Chessington World of Adventures and Legoland which are all particularly made for children. You have to travel a bit further out of the city in order to reach there.

Leave your valuable comments and suggest some more places to enjoy in London

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    • london_guide profile image

      london_guide 8 years ago from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

      Yes Big Smoke London Zoo and London Dungeons are very good for kids. I agree.

    • profile image

      Big Smoke 8 years ago

      London Zoo is a really good place to take kids but I always find Madame Tussauds far too busy. The Southbank festival hall normally has some great activities for children in and there's always the London Dungeons

    • london_guide profile image

      london_guide 8 years ago from Birmingham, West Midlands, UK

      Thanks Mireille for the idea of adding my link to your site. Your site is of great help for people who want their kids to enjoy with different types of activities thereby imparting recreation and creativity. I like your site. Yes the idea of adding that link is really helpful for both of us, besides helpful for our visitors also as the content relates to the same subject.

    • Mireille G profile image

      Mireille G 8 years ago from Kansas

      Hi I have just started a similar site about activities for children in my home town, Lawrence, KS. I had not thought about placing references for international information, but I would be willing, in a few weeks when my site has a little more "stuff" on it, to add a link to your page. You see I am in a university town and a lot of professors travel to Europe with children. I hope this might benefit both of us. I do not use adsense on my site as it is a local blog. You can visit my site if you wish at

    • naresh_19812000 profile image

      naresh_19812000 9 years ago from New Delhi, India

      nis informative hub, may be when i visit London, these things will help me a lot...u r really a gr8 guide...thanx for helping out ppl out thr.