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Funny but innovative trekking tips

Updated on July 11, 2013

People love trekking for many ways, but initially if it’s just for the intention to cover the distance or climb uphill then it can be certainly predicted that the trekking is either a part of some corporate training manual or a an excursion to gain promotional scores. Above all such lame excuses, nature lovers love to trek for exploring the nature to its depth and to feel the coziness of nearness to nature. Whatever may be the reason the first and foremost things one should be prepared of in advance counts many such combined physical and mental exercises that will later boost the stamina to cover the trek. As a trekking expert that I have gained just with experience rather than following all the written instructions, I have build up my own list of schedule that always helps me while I go for wild trek every year. The preparation not only include the physical stamina but also some tips that helps me to organize the trek more easily stringently following all the environmental and social rules of trekking. It will not only help you to cut your cost but will also give you the feeling of a perfect trekker cum nature lover.

Mental preparation:

  1. Learn to sleep wearing your shoes

If it is a group trek, then there can be no way to afford an extra porter to carry a single tent for you. Therefore, it is always better to share a four-man tent. Now the things are different when you trek in jungle, the hardship is what gives you the feeling of adventure. If you try to open your shoes while you get inside your tent, you may feel embarrassed by the sensual aroma of your feet hypnotizing just to cause silent annoyance in your fellow trekkers. Instead, it is better to show some struggling character and earn some prestigious position of a tough character among your friends. So sleep like a combat soldier.

  1. Learn to identify the leaves of some common itchy plants

The morning in the wild is always pleasant, and it is an extra advantage to enjoy the ambiance when you too feel pleasant from inside cleaning your bowls. Papers can never enliven the feeling of wild adventure, and the common knowledge reveals the fact that the papers are made from plants. This is the time when your intense curiosity to know the botanical world will play its crucial role. The lack of simple knowledge can some time invite a big itchy problem for your seat.

  1. Learn to take the things more positively than it appears in reality.

A hard-core trekker once cancelled his trip just because a giant leech of rainforest caught him. This is again your mental preparation to build your perception in a positive manner about the slippery yellow striped, elastic creature that only lives to suck blood. The practice can be simple to love the colorful stripes of the creature, and to increase the vivacity of your hypocrisy, you can let it suck blood and mean while take photographs to rule the social networking world.

Physical Preparation:

  1. Practice to carry load and walk up the stairs :

A normal jogging with the appreciable speed cannot just be enough to tackle the rough hilly terrains of the trekking route. You should be strong enough to carry load on your back and walk uphill. Therefore, that must be the exact practice for you to be physically ready for the trek. If you are embarrassed to practice it openly with a useless back on you back than you can carry your own infant son, daughter, grandsons, and granddaughters and walk up the stairs.

  1. Practice to sleep on the floor with just a thin sheet on it:

A good sleep is extremely necessary to gain energy for enough strength to cover next day’s trek. Many people are habituated to sleep on spongy beds and feel uncomfortable when they sleep on hard mattresses. Such people need to practice sleeping on hard floor weeks before the original trekking schedule.

  1. Practice to walk down the stairs again with load:

Most of the people always practice climbing stairs thinking that it is the toughest part of the trek. In reality, it is harder to climb down the hill with a load on you back. A simple uncontrolled step can cause cramps on your leg spoiling your trek. Therefore, you should also practice to climb down the stairs with a load on your back. Well, this time, be sure not to carry your infant on your back.

The packing Tips:

  1. 1. Replace the heavier things with lighter things :

It does not mean to replace heavier food items with lighter food items like popcorns. In fact, living in India I carry KURKURE, a kind of finger chips that works as a fuel while lighting fire in the jungle. It saves the team from a heavy load of fuel that is used for burning wet firewoods in the jungle.

  1. Go for fewer strong clothes, rather than too many fashionable clothes.

A single pair of shoes with a single pair of dress can be enough to complete the trek. Overall, it is not a fashion parade but a wild adventure.

  1. Do not be too artificial for the things you can easily avail in nature.

Trekking Sticks: You can find it amply in the jungle, but be sure to confirm the destination; it should not be a cold desert.

Pee Bottle: Do you really use it at home?


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