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Gap Year Travel For Grown Ups – 5 Reasons To Take a Gap Year Trip

Updated on July 2, 2009

Gap year travel is something that gives you a great opportunity to travel around the world and to experience different cultures. If you have ever had a desire to visit new vacation destinations or doing something different in your life, why not take time out of your normal day to day routine and see something of the world.

Gap year for grown ups mean that taking a year out is not just for students. Anyone at any age can do it.

Children All Grown Up? Volunteer Overseas To Work With Needy Children

If you are lucky enough to be suffering from empty nest syndrome, this is a wonderful time to do something new and exciting. You have spent the last 20 years looking after your children and they have all left home either to go to college or have moved into their own home. Instead of staying in your house, wandering from empty room to empty room, why not put your natural nurturing skills to use and apply for volunteer work overseas to work with children who are desperate for the attention of a parent.

Got Passport & Cash? Gap year travel awaits
Got Passport & Cash? Gap year travel awaits

Left A Relationship? Gap Year Options Can Help Divert Your Attention

Sometimes a good way to recover from heartbreak is to throw yourself into something completely different.  This will take your mind off your own troubles if you end up volunteering somewhere where the conditions of others are significantly worse than your own.  The whole experience could put your own problems into context and you may well find that the change in your environment could help to ease your own suffering.

Gap year travel is not just for young people
Gap year travel is not just for young people

Mid life crisis? Focus Your Energy On  Helping Others

If you have got to an age where you have reached a cross road and you are not sure what to do next, taking yourself off to a different place could help to alter your mindset.  Volunteering abroad could broaden your horizons and give you the opportunity to re-evaluate your lifestyle and your ambitions.  You could even return home, feeling very content with what you have already achieved in life.

Take The Opportunity To See The World

Taking a gap year means the freedom to see the world.  If you have wanderlust you could book yourself a roundtrip ticket.  A great way to see some parts of the world is to organise to volunteer overseas.  You could get a completely different perspective of a country if you take a work placement there.

Recently Retired? There’s A Whole World Out There To Discover

You may have reached the age where you officially no longer need to work but if you still have a spring in your step there is no reason why you shouldn’t go on a globetrotting adventure.  Retirement does not have to mean pottering around the garden and afternoon tea at the old peoples club.  You are now free to dust off your passport and experience different cultures.  There is no age limit to helping others in need.

Gap year travel for grown ups can turn out to be an amazing adventure. Thousands of people take the plunge and have life changing experiences. Take a look online for possible destinations and consider taking a break yourself. You will find it rewarding and a great sense of achievement.


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