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Gauley River, West Virginia

Updated on November 23, 2009

Glen Ferris, On the Gauley River

In this particular portion of the Gauley River Valley, I frequently hike and engage in nature photography, as well as keep my survival skills sharp, and more importantly, enjoy the view.

The Gauley River is actually impounded miles away, in Nicholas County, by the Summersville Dam. If the dam were to ever be unleashed it would whipe out all housing settlements and communities that line the base of the Valley.

The U.S. Army Engineering Corps that actually facilitates and maintains the dam, sends a series of 22 controlled bursts of water to assist in the recreational activity of white water rafting. This typically starts the first Friday after Labor Day, and attracts tourists from all over the world. Next to coal mining, tourism is actually one of the main sources of revenue for the State of West Virginia.

The Cranberry, Cherry, Williams, and Meadow rivers all flow into the Gauley River as tributaries from the East (flowing West).

West Virginia is host to many unsolved murders and supernatural phenomenon. As far as historically, it is rumored that a missing cannon from a Civil War artillery battalion is hidden somewhere in the dense, overgrown, forests, possibly hidden in a cave.

This Valley is littered with spent munitions and arrow heads, and was the battle site for many conflicts throughout America's history.


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