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George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH) Car Rental and Transportation

Updated on October 20, 2017

Finding the best deal on a rental car is really not as difficult a task as you may think. All it takes is vigilance, a little luck, and some time and effort dedicated to a diligent and thorough search to ensure all of your options have been explored before a commitment is made. When conducting preliminary research and online comparison shop to weigh and consider the advantages or potential disadvantages each distinctive rental car company may provide, I prefer to have all the information necessary to make the most educated decision, right at my fingertips for time saving considerations. The following page was designed with this in mind, it's a convenient, user friendly product of my own personal experiences as I travel to and from many different airports situated at various distinct locations. Although not an endorsement or recommendation of any agency, all rental car companies located at George Bush Intercontinental Airport in Houston Texas, are included to assist you with seamless access and expedient information gathering.

Rental Car Companies at George Bush Int'C Airport

- PHONE 1 -
- PHONE 2 -
Advantage Rent A Car
(281) 982-0001
(800) 777-5524
Alamo Rent A Car
(281) 209-4900
(888) 826-6893
Avis Rent A Car
(281) 443-5800
(800) 831-2847
Budget Rent A Car
(281) 449-0145
(800) 527-0700
Dollar Rent A Car
(866) 434-2226
Enterprise Rent A Car
(281) 230-8200
(800) 325-8007
Hertz Rent A Car
(281) 209-6700
(800) 654-3131
National Car Rental
(281) 209-4900
(888) 826-6890
Thrifty Rent A Car
(281) 442-5000
(877) 283-0898
- Rental Car Facility Location - Situated a short distance from all terminals on the EAST side of JFK Blvd. -
- Signs to guide you should be visible from all terminal locations -
- "Rental Car Shuttles" are "White & Maroon" for easy identification -

As a result of my extensive travel history, which includes the frequent use of rental cars and commercial airline patronage, I have attained what many would consider expert status on this subject which has inevitably led me to one logical conclusion subsequent to drawing upon and analyzing my personal experiences.The invaluable convenience of obtaining a predetermined firm commitment to pick up a rental car on location at the airport in which I arrive, verses improvising or procrastinating until the very last minute to try to secure transportation, is unquestionably the most reassuring, comfortable, and stress free way to go. Waiting until after you land at the airport to make necessary arrangements for vehicle procurement typically turns into a very time consuming endeavor, especially if you are unfamiliar with the facility, or, the airport grounds are compartmentalized and expansive in size. The following scenario is a typical example for the procrastinator. You get off the plane and walk to the baggage claim area to retrieve your luggage already in somewhat of a subdued or lackadaisical physical state as a result of the psychologically demanding effects of enduring a long arduous flight, and then, proceed to embark upon what can very easily evolve into a physical endurance test just to find the rental car center. And finally, you must proceed to define car suitability and negotiate acceptable terms with a representative.

What if the agency does not have your preferred vehicle of choice? What if the price is now marked up to a much higher premium than anticipated and your budget allows for? What if the line of potential customers at the service desk is exceedingly long and time is of the essence? What if the Rental Car Company you typically do business with is not located on the airport grounds and not easily accessible from the terminals? All potential time consuming situations that can be avoided by planning in advance to ensure you maintain maximum schedule flexibility and minimum frustration while driving off the lot with a suitable vehicle at a budget friendly price. Overall, an unnecessary beginning to what could have been the start of a wonderful vacation or corporate event.

If you are currently in the process of planning a trip to the Houston Texas area via George Bush Intercontinental Airport, or any other destination in the world, I'm sure you realize the fact that two of the most important and costly elements of a vacation or business event aside from air fare and dining, is undoubtedly hotel accommodations and transportation. A prudent person would probably not board a flight to Hawaii without a hotel reservation confirmation slip securely in hand, and even though making arrangements weeks in advance to have available transportation ready and waiting for immediate drive off once you arrive at the terminal is certainly not an essential element, being proactive and planning ahead to reserve your rent a car at George Bush Int'C Airport would almost certainly be well worth the time invested -

Map/Directions to George Bush Intercontinental Airport

A markerGeorge Bush Intercontinental Airport -
George Bush Intercontinental Airport, George Bush Intercontinental Airport (IAH), 2800 N Terminal Rd
get directions


Houston METRO

  • Metro's Airport Direct
  • Info - (713) 635-4000



  • Multi person courtesy vans are provided by some of the various hotels & motels in the area. Courtesy telephones are located in the baggage claim area. You must call the respective property to request pick-up from the airport -

<> TAXI SERVICE <> Location - "For Hire" via "Ground Transportation Employees" outside all terminals - FEES - Per Web Site - The lesser of "Flat Zone" or "Meter Rate" - Contact Taxi Driver for additional information regarding passenger "Costs" <>
- IAH Address & Phone -
-  Lost & Found -
2800 N. Terminal Rd.
(281) 848-2957 or (281) 230-3299
Houston, TX 77032
Phone: (281) 233-3000
<> Developed * Designed & Created By Alternative Prime <>


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