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Georgia Attractions - Hiking

Updated on February 1, 2011

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 From the small thirty minute day hikes such as the Frog Pond Trail located in the beautiful Unicoi State Park, to the full day hike up to Len Foote, or the Georgian section of the famous Appalachian Trail, Georgia has excellent hiking opportunities for the casual day hiker to the well-conditioned extreme hiker. Some of Georgia’s unique hiking opportunities attract avid hikers from many nearby states.

Georgia is home to some astonishingly scenic hiking trails. There are high peaks such as the trail hike up to the top of Brasstown Bald, or the three hundred and sixty degree view enjoyed at the Blood Mountain Summit.

Some of the State of Georgia’s most popular trails lead right up to huge cascading waterfalls such as the Amicalola falls that reach an enormous seven hundred and fifty plus feet. There are also hikes with trails that run along steep drop offs down into gorges such as the famous Providence Canyon, or the hike down to the long suspended bridge overlooking the deep over six hundred feet down into the Tallulah Gorge.

There are many mild hikes excellent for young children, and those who are less fit. Georgia has hiking trails that are smoothly paved, easy to navigate, and equipped with amenities such as resting benches along the way. Trails such as the one leading up to the locally famous Anna Ruby Falls located just outside of Helen Ga. next to the Unicoi State Park is just that type of trail. Anna Ruby Falls is a paved half-mile trail with just one fairly steep portion, which ends with a nice deck overlooking the Anna Ruby Falls. I hike these falls on a regular basis, and even though a good short workout, the trail is shared and enjoyed by young and old alike.

The largest city in Georgia is Atlanta. Even within the city itself are probably well over fifty hiking opportunities available. There are a handful of very quiet nature preserves, as well as state and county park areas that offer hikers the ability to enjoy the feel of being out in the wilderness, but being perhaps a mere ten minute drive from their office in the city.

Becoming ever more popular to the city of Atlanta is the idea of urban hiking. This is where hikers walk designated historic areas through the city allowing them somewhat of a self-guided tour among the city and states most admired historical attractions.

As far as hiking gear goes, you don’t have to drive any great distance to find a nearby outfitters specialty shop with budget gear for beginners to high end gear, maps, and equipment to suit up for extreme long distant hiking.

So if you are a hiking enthusiast, take a look at all the great hiking opportunities available within the state of Georgia. Even in its most populated areas, Georgia has done an excellent job of preserving and maintaining a sense of nature, and outdoor quiet areas that make it a attraction and haven for any hiking enthusiast.

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Georgia Attractions


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