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Getting dirt cheap airline tickets

Updated on September 30, 2009

Who doesn’t want to travel the world? However, that can be pretty hard to do when on a tight budget. To fight this, travelers have begun developing skills in the art of finding dirt cheap airline tickets.

These amazingly cheap airfares are available on almost every airline. The trick is to know how to look for them and where. Here are some tips to obtaining the cheapest airline tickets for one’s desired destination.

1.    Flexible travel dates: Many times airlines will offer passengers to give up their seats to other important travelers or government authorities. When this happens the airline will offer passengers a later flight and in compensation for the delay may end up giving out vouchers for free airline tickets of hotel stays.

2.    Advance booking: When one knows the exact date they will be traveling, it is good to buy tickets as far ahead of time as possible. This way the tickets will be much cheaper than if bought with only a couple of weeks’ notice.

3.    Choose times and days: Most of the time airlines will have cheaper flights on weekdays, while weekend flights will be more expensive. This is because many people opt for weekend flights because of their work schedules and other activities. By choosing weekday flights, a person can save a lot of money on their tickets. This is also true for flights that are late at night, since most people will be reluctant to go to airports at these times.

4.    Off season: The term off season is usually associated with the time of the year that certain destinations are not at their best. However, this is not so. Off season is in fact the time of the year that the destination doesn’t receive many tourists because people are not on vacation! By choosing to go to a certain place during off season, travelers can actually enjoy a destination without the overcrowding of flights and hotels, and of course, at lower prices.

5.    Compare prices between airlines: Maybe the local airline will be much more expensive than another airline or vice versa. It is important to see what several airlines are charging to get passengers to the same destination.

6.    Search online: Many airlines offer cheaper airline tickets when passengers purchase them online rather than in person at their offices. They will also offer deals on airfare + hotel packages.


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    • profile image

      Alijon bahromzoda 4 years ago

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