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Ghost Hunting in Alton, IL

Updated on July 5, 2012
The 1st pic I took. It looks like a moon in the upper right hand corner!
The 1st pic I took. It looks like a moon in the upper right hand corner!
This is the 2nd pic I took. Now it's gone!
This is the 2nd pic I took. Now it's gone!
3rd pic....Mist coming from the upstairs
3rd pic....Mist coming from the upstairs
4th pic..more showed up
4th pic..more showed up
5th pic..even MORE showerd up
5th pic..even MORE showerd up
6th appears to be getting closer...
6th appears to be getting closer...
7th pic I took...I couldn't believe my eyes!
7th pic I took...I couldn't believe my eyes!

Haunted Places: Alton, Illinois

Looking for a place to do some ghost hunting? Alton, Illinois is the perfect place to go to do just that! Alton is located along the Mississippi River and right over the boarder is St. Louis, MO. Alton played a big role in the Civil War and their Confederate Cemetary is certainly a visit I won't forget.

My cousin and I went there in 2008 and let me tell you, that WHOLE town is creepy to me. All I kept saying the whole time we were there was how happy I was to not live there. There are houses on slants, houses that look vaccant, stores and shops that look as if they are empty and the overall effect of the whole atmosphere just wasn't right. It gave me a weird yet depressing feeling.

We took a tour of different places on a trolley and some of the places we would stop front of, they would just give us some background information as to why this place was haunted and the stories that were reported. Then, there were some places to where we would get out and go exploring and do some ghost hunting of our own. There are a lot of places around there that used to have the underground railroad and hidden spots in the current resident's basement that once was a hiding spot for the slaves. I haven't seen any apparitions when I was there, but the camera caught a few things that made me wonder what exactly it was I was seeing in the pictures. There were a lot of orbs and mists in my photos. I am glad to have been part of that experience, but it was definiately the creepiest thing I have ever witnessed with the paranormal realm.

The house you see pictured on the right is the Watson House. There are reports of several ghosts that live in this house. Supposedly this house contained numerous demons and negative vibes which made the house full of activity. We didn't tour inside this house, but we did pull up to it and get some background information. As the tour guide spoke about this place, I began taking pictures of it. These pictures were taken one right after another and each time I looked at it, it was different. A nautious feeling instantly came over me and I froze right where I was sitting and waited for the trolley to pull away and take us to our next destination. It was surely an interesting yet creepy trip. I think I would do it again, but there are no gaurantees that I won't see anything with my own eyes next time. Not sure if I am ready for that.


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