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Let's go to London to meet the Queen!

Updated on September 10, 2007
Changing of Guards
Changing of Guards
Trafalgar Square
Trafalgar Square
Kew Garden
Kew Garden
Buckingham Palace
Buckingham Palace


Why didn't you asked me about London? My parents and I went to London for one month. That we went was because my sister was studying Actuarial Science in London School of Economics in London city. Opportunity strike! When we went, lodging was not a problem for my parents and I as my sister rented two rooms in a house.

I don't know what your travel agent has planned for you. So I thought I will give you a little insight of where I went. Places I went are the followings :

1. Trafalgar Square (This place used to have a lot, a lot of I think less already ....maybe because of bird flu)

2. Tower of London (Do not miss going to this place when you are in London. This place you will see the crown jewels) Price for adult : From £16 full price

3. Covent Garden (At the very heart of London, is one of Europe's first and best speciality shopping centres. More than forty shops, cafes and restaurants plus the unique Apple Market - showcasing British designed arts and crafts - combine with historic piazzas as covered halls to provide an unbeatable experience that makes Covent Garden Market a truly inspirational shopping and dining destination.)

4. Changing the Guard (For a display of British pomp and ceremony, watch the Changing the Guard ceremony outside Buckingham Palace. This is where one member of Queen's Guards exchanges duty with the old guard. Both guards are dressed in traditional red tunics and bearskin hats, and the ceremony is set to music. Different season, different clothings)

5. River Thames (Tower Bridge)

6. Parks and Gardens (Just sit on the bench and see the ducks, pelicans, swans come and go by. Oooh! The Scenery! You must enjoy the scenery)

7. London Zoo

London is always gray and gloomy so please be prepared of the autumn cold weather. Bring along thick (woolen knitted) sweaters and parkas (if available). Lots of t-shirts. Wear jeans. Wear good walking rubber shoes (you need that as you have a lot of walking to do). Most importantly your medicine kit (Going to see a doctor is expensive).

Of course, we didn't only went to London for the whole of one month. We went to up north and down south too. On the north side of London, we went to Edinburgh and Glasgow (Lochness), Scotland. On the south side of London, we went to Plymouth.

There are couple of websites for you to see and explore :



Definitely, it is a beautiful place to go. I wouldn't miss it if I have the opportunity to go again.

So enjoy!


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