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Granite Hill: elegant and unusual lunch at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Updated on September 29, 2015

The elegant French offerings of Granite Hill's Chef's Table

The most elegant of lunch buffets: Philadelphia's Granite Hill

It's kind of secret trick of experienced travelers: art museums often have wonderful deals on elegant meals in their restaurants (and shopping at their gift shops). It makes sense: gazing at art is a time consuming activity. After a while, you want something to eat! Also, many art museum patrons are both older and well-heeled.

In most cases, it would seem to be an oxymoron to put the words "elegant" and "buffet" in the same sentence. One's mind races to those chain restaurants that hurl a hodge podge of what can only be described as "feed" to its customers. Truth be told, their frequent customers seem to concerned only with being "fed".

Here's another contradiction to chew on . . . imagine a most elegant restaurant in the building where movie character "Rocky" ran up the steps.

Granite Hill at the Philadelphia Museum of Art will change your mind about so many restaurant concepts forever! You'll find yourself wanting restaurants far and wide to take note.

While there's a full menu for lunch, the "Chef's Table" is a smart way to go. It's served like the traditional buffets, those dainty selections served on an actual well-made buffet table in the finest of homes. Here, you'll find a French/French-fusion menu with seasonal offerings often created to complement the theme of the museum's latest exhibit.

Lightly dressed crisp salads, perfectly roasted chicken and beef loin, sushi quality rare tuna for Tuna Nicoise, gorgeous French cheese trays and tasting portions (you'll be overcome by temptation!) of delicate desserts turns this into a buffet that makes you feel good about yourself afterwards -- not bloated and sloppy. It's a treat well worth it.


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      pande10 2 years ago

      It is interesting food , I love your food, I have a kind of that food, but not the same