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Six Flags Great Escape Indoor Water Park Lake George NY

Updated on June 8, 2013

Indoor Water Lodge


Family Getaway

In April of this year we were looking for someplace we could take our family of five to have a little family time. The kids had the week off from school and my husband had the week off from work, something that never happens in my family. Since I'm self employed it was obvious we needed to do something. But money was tight, and I couldn't be away from my business for the whole week so we were looking for some place close and not too pricey. I remembered my friend mentioning an indoor water park in Lake George. So we did a little searching on Google and found Six Flags Great Escape Indoor Water Park Lodge.

Great Escape Indoor Water Park Lake George

Booking Our Stay

Six Flags Great Escape has a great website that shows all that they offer and has many photos of their facility. It was easy to see whether or not it was what we were looking for and it was. They have many different options for room styles and the descriptions and photos were pretty clear. We were able to decide what we wanted and book our stay right online with no trouble.


Admission to the Water Park

The only issue that I had was that the check in time is 4:00 pm and check out time is 11:00 am. The water park area is open from 10:00 am to 8:00 pm. The admission to the water park area is included in your room fee. (Different room options have a different number of admission tickets. They have rooms from 4 admission tickets to 10 admission tickets. Additional admission tickets can be purchased.) But I was concerned that if you check in at 4:00 pm that only gives you a few hours in the water park area. And if we went to the water park in the morning then we wouldn't have a room to shower in after we were done. (We only stayed one night at the lodge.) But what we found out is that you can arrive prior to the checkout time on the day of your stay and get your admission bracelets to the water park before you check in. You don't have access to your hotel room until 4:00 pm but you can go to the water park all day. And they do have facilities for changing and bathroom facilities. You can also stay as long as you want the next day but for us with teenage girls that wasn't an option. They were not willing to ride home without being able to shower and do their hair. :)



There were many eating options right there in the hotel. They have a Johnnie Rockets, Johnnie Rockets Sports Lounge, Tall Tales Tavern and the Birch Bark Grill all right in the hotel. Johnnie Rockets is a 50's style diner type restaurant with burgers, fries, shakes, sandwiches, etc. They also serve breakfast. The Sports Tavern is a place for the dads to sneak off to for their sports fix while the kids are splashing around. The Tall Tales Tavern is a comfortable pub style restaurant that overlooks the water park. If your kids are old enough to be in the park alone mom and dad can enjoy a little getaway while still being able to peak in on what the kids are doing. And the Birch Bark Grill is a casual dining option located right in the water park area. They offer burgers, hot dogs, fries, salads, pretzels, and more.

They have many eating options available for all families.

The rooms are amazing and very clean!
The rooms are amazing and very clean! | Source


The rooms were very spacious and very clean. They have 6 different room types from their Traditional Suite designed for 4 up to their Four Queen Suite designed for up to 12. Some of their room options come with a little "cozy cabin" right in the room complete with bunk beds and tv and entertainment station for the kids. We picked the Three Queen Suite and it was awesome. We enjoyed being in our room as much as we enjoyed the water park.

The Star Light Arcade

On the main floor of the lodge they have the Star Light Arcade. The Arcade has many games in it for all ages. Tickets are awarded for some of the games that can be traded in for prizes, very similar to Chuck E Cheese. Since our kids are older (16, 14 & 8) we were able to allow them to go down to the arcade while we relaxed in our room. Since both my husband and I also enjoy games, we joined them after a while and played several games ourselves.

Our Experience

Overall we had a wonderful experience on our stay at the Six Flags Indoor Water Park Lodge. We were truly in need of a little get away and this was perfect for us. We had a small incident with our room key not working the morning we were to leave but maintenance straightened it out and they allowed us an extra hour to check out.

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