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Travellin' about--Great Las Vegas Hotel Secret at the MGM Grand

Updated on April 29, 2013
The MGM we all know and love.
The MGM we all know and love.

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Helping you see clear travel values.
Helping you see clear travel values.

Go West Young Man

I'm sure that you know about the Las Vegas MGM Grand. The expansive casino floor and over 5000 rooms may seem make it just another big hotel. However, in addition to the multi-tiered suites and high end rooms, most people don't realize that there is a boutique hotel component to the MGM Grand. It was called the West Wing. Now it goes by then Petite King rooms.

Tucked back behind the Rainforest Cafe is an almost private section of the behemoth hotel that is perfect for couples or singles. Its complete this its own Starbucks, swanky bar, elevators, store, and even has cool modern rooms.

However, the absolute best feature of this part of the hotel is the wonderful entrance/exit to the Las Vegas Strip. We loathe having to go through the casino to get to the front door and the portal to the West Wing is our perfect escape. Not only are you a one minute walk to the strip, but you cross a short driveway into a back door of the Grand Canyon store. You can buy nearly everything there. Bottles of water-six pack of beer-ok-wines-pizza-snacks, you name it and its right there at your finger tips.

So the next time you are heading to the MGM Grand, check out the West Wing/Petite King rooms. Is is almost being in a different hotel all together.


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