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Great Travel Gear

Updated on October 15, 2011



Over the years I have done a fair bit of travelling, on business, for pleasure and my favourite both combined. These trips have been by bus, car, train and airplane. These days I am leaning towards the train but the Canadian train system needs improvement before it becomes a first class transportation system.



These trips from one Canadian coast to the other, up into the Yukon and south to Cuba have taught me many things.



First and foremost is the importance of having good gear when you travel and the most important part of that gear is your luggage.



I’d rather travel light than lug a pile of stuff with me so want a suitcase than can carrying all I need and some of what I desire but still be small enough to serve as a carry on bag.



The Travelpro suit case in the picture has seen a lot of miles and has enough room for the clothes and accessories for two people. It has a strong handles and a good set of wheel which makes it ideal for airports and train stations.



If you really want to cut the clothes you take with you to minimum then Tilley makes a line of clothing that is perfect. I like the hat. It is rugged, good looking and easy to care for.



Tilley also sells pants, shirts and shorts among other products. All of which will see you on the go with quality clothing and little bother. 



If I am travelling to a destination that requires a passport then a passport ticket holder is essential. It will hold your passport, ticket and some folding money or travelers’ cheques. The strap allows you to pout it around your neck or over yoru shoulder. You can put it under a jacket sweater or shirt for that matter for even greater security.



This way you have the basics handy should you need them and if you have ever been separated from your luggage this at least will give enable you to make the most of the experience.



I have had luggage misplaced four times over the years and while it has always shown up knowing that I have the essentials on me makes all the difference.



Speaking of essentials, if you use prescribed medication you do not want to check that in with yoru luggage but keep it handy on your person in a carry on bag. A backpack can be a very useful travel item; not a big one but a day back will do nicely. You can keep, medication beauty aids, toothpaste and so on in it so you are prepared.



The back pack or other carryon luggage is the ideal palce to keep a battery charger. If you have a cell phone and are on the road you do not want to have it go dead just when you must make a call.



My cell phone has come in handy on more than one occasion when we have bee travelling and the charger is one of the very first things that I pack.



A toiletry kit is a great way to keep all those personal items organized and can be hung up in the bathroom when you arrive at your hotel room or even when visiting friends or family, it gives you the basics plus in a discrete container.



Last but certainly not least, if you have ever been stuck in an airport waiting for a flight then you know how the time can drag. I have sleep in at least two airports over the years and would have been very pleased to have a portable DVD player with me so that I could watch a favourite movie or two while waiting.

I always pack a book but there are times when I just can’t read another word but still can’t sleep, watching a movie is an ideal alternative.



The smart traveler is the prepared traveler.


new luggage

This Travelpro bag is great for airports, train stations and bus terminals. Bob Ewing photo
This Travelpro bag is great for airports, train stations and bus terminals. Bob Ewing photo

old luggage

Easy to spot on luggage carousel but a pain to carry. Bob Ewing photo
Easy to spot on luggage carousel but a pain to carry. Bob Ewing photo


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  • Bob Ewing profile image

    Bob Ewing 9 years ago from New Brunswick

    My digital camera is always in my backpack and an mp3 player a good idea, thanks for the input.

  • profile image

    Nolimits Nana 9 years ago

    Good tips for the traveller. Travel light is my motto. I'd add a digital camera to the list of essentials, along with an mp3 player loaded with either audio books or something I'm learning. Mine is loaded with my Spanish audio course.