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Guide to Booking Hotels and Flights to Thailand

Updated on October 30, 2011

How to Get the Best Prices for Hotels and Airplane Tickets

A vacation in Thailand is one of the most affordable destinations on the planet. Whether you want to soak up the sun in any of Thailand's majestic beaches and tranquil islands or take in the fast paced kaleidoscope of Bangkok it's all there at the fingertips' of travelers. All you need is a ticket and a place to lay your head after a day of exploring.

For most visitors, Thailand is a far off place and may worry about the high cost of hotels and plane tickets. And questions such as "When should I book my hotels in Bangkok for the best rates?" and "Where do I find the cheapest airfare to Thailand?". "Should I book my hotel and flights at the last minute or months in advance?" are just a few common questions that comes to mind for most planning a trip to the Kingdom of Thailand.

Well put your concerns away. Even the most expensive parts of Thailand such as Bangkok, Phuket, Koh Samui and other well developed parts of the country have some of the most affordable 4 to 5 star hotels and resorts. For budget travelers who are used to slumming it in 1 star hotel prices, I am happy to tell you Thailand's budget hotels are even up in the 3 star range complete with swimming pools and a gym. And depending on where you book your rooms you might even get a free buffet breakfast too.

Where to Find the Best Airfares to Thailand

The airlines that offer the cheapest tickets to Thailand are usually Asian based international carriers. Particularly Korean Airlines and Cathay Pacific, both are my favorite and often highly acclaimed by the travel industry. Japan Airlines may have a good deal once in a while too so it's worth checking out what they are charging too.

Thai Airways is a really good airline too but they charge a lot of money for their tickets even for coach tickets. But I've noticed that if you're flying from the West coast of the United States they will have some good deals too. Bear in mind, there is no such thing as super cheap airfares to Thailand for; example $500 USD from the east coast of US round trip. I would avoid any travel website that makes claims of half off airfares because such cheap fares do not exist.

The lowest I have seen for airfare to Thailand from the US east coast round trip is around $900 USD without taxes.

To find the best lowest fares to Bangkok (because that's where most of their international flights arrive) I use a travel search engine like to show me a list of fares from the airlines I mentioned above.

Another travel website that I highly recommend for finding the best airfares to Thailand is I particularly like CheapOair because on top of their low airfare prices you can sometimes find a discount code right on their website offering additional savings. The last time I bought a ticket from their website I received a $15 USD off discount promotion code.

Now when it comes to the time of purchasing your tickets there really is no magic formula. There are reports that the best time of day to purchase plane tickets is on Tuesdays at midnight or something similar. Sorry if you were up late at nights downing cups of coffee because it's not true at all.

Deeply discounted tickets for international flights are really hard to come find if any actually exist. Though it is quite common to find a fare a few hundred dollars US lower but it's all in the timing. I find that the best times to purchase a ticket to Thailand is a month in advance and 2 weeks the latest for the best prices.

A typical 5 star hotel room with 4 star prices in Thailand
A typical 5 star hotel room with 4 star prices in Thailand

When is it the Best Time to Find Hotel Deals in Thailand

Hotels throughout Thailand can be found with very affordable rates. Staying at a 5 star Thai hotel can cost as little as $150 USD. 4 star Thai hotels can cost between $90 USD to $130 for those bordering 5 stars.

As of writing, an example of a highly recommended 4 star property in central Bangkok called the Grande Centre Point Ratchadamri cost just a little over $100 USD that includes a coupon for buffet breakfast. It's a wonderful hotel with quality furnishings, big fitness center and a massive pool. The hotel also has a family room with home theater, a children's play area and a library, so it's a perfect family friendly hotel in Bangkok.

This is probably my biggest tip and advice; if you want to stay at a 5 star hotel in Thailand for a really good deal you should look for a Thai owned 5 star property. Their quality and service are just as high as a foreign owned 5 star hotel in Thailand. There are many 5 star international hotels such as the Peninsula, Shangri - La, Sheratons and a Hyatt in Bangkok and even though they are more affordable compared to for example Los Angeles I really don't believe that it's necessary to overspend.

A lot of hotels in Thailand usually include a free breakfast. 2 star hotels and up typically include a free breakfast along with the rooms rates depending on where you book. One travel website called Bangkok for Vacation offers travelers really good discount on Thai hotels that offer guests a free breakfast and is worth taking a look at.

Hotel deals in Thailand can be found year round simply because there are so many hotels in the country competing for guests. But the real sweet spot for locating those deals are during the low season which is between late April down to late September. It's very hot, humid and rainy in between those months. Hotels usually slash their rates up to 40% and even 50% is not unusual at all.

If you have no choice but to visit Thailand during the high season then hotel deals are still around. Hotels of all price ranges always adjust their room rates accordingly by forecasting their current reservations. And if they see that they may have trouble reaching their quota during a period of time they will release heavily discounted rates.

But they won't advertise those rates on their own. Instead they rely on Internet based hotel reservation agencies like who specialize in Thailand's hotel sector. Hotels that release special rates to Agoda do not have to spend any extra resources to advertise special discount rates because Agoda is readily available to do all of that work.


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