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A Nice, Good Place to Live in is Gulf Breeze, Florida

Updated on December 28, 2012

Welcome to Gulf Breeze, Florida

The city of Gulf Breeze, Flordia (incorporated in 1961), with its community of less than 6,000, is proud of its tradition of small town character, quality, and excellence, as well as of its many waterfront activities. Located at the end of Fairpoint peninsula, it is separated by a 3 mile bridge across the Pensacola bay from the city of Pensacola, and from the south by the Bob Sikes Bridge over the Santa Rosa Sound. They have a stable local government, with a fully accredited police department, complete with elementary through high schools, parks, and is a leader in financial programs. Gulf Breeze has 18 miles of pristine waterfront, 3 protected bayous, and one of the best boat ramps close to the Pensacola Pass, as well as 105 acres of waterfront park property, as well as the 1,329 acre Naval Live Oaks Reservation, established in 1828 by then president John Quincy Adams. So whether you like to have fun in the sun, take a nice leisurely stroll in the woods, or a day at the beach is your idea of fun, Gulf Breeze is the place to live.

What its like living in Gulf Breeze

Homes in Gulf Breeze have a average square foot price of about $89, and are going for about $153,000, with a average listing price of about $273,304, which isn’t too bad, considering your on the water, living in what most would call, the “Worlds Most Beautiful Beaches”, and the economy is slowly rising, so prices are only going to go up as people buy all the property while its still inexpensive. Right now is a perfect time to buy that second property cheap, keep it a few years, and possibly turn it into a major profit as the economy and housing areas recover from the mini-depression. Pensacola is close by, so finding work shouldn’t be hard, and living in Gulf Breeze gets you out of the hustle and bustle of living in a large city, but you live close enough that it’s economical. Cross a 3 mile bridge, and there you are. For small town southern living at its finest, on the beach, you don’t find many communities and towns like Gulf Breeze left, so act now before it’s taken over by the big condos and corporations like some of the other gulf towns have. Owning your own house on the beach no longer requires giving up everything you own, to include your kids, and can be a good second home investment, as its value is only projected to go up. Most people expect waterfront homes on the gulf to go for well over a million dollars (and some do), but most property and homes along the coast are 2-3 bedrooms, and cost closer to 150-300 thousand, which puts it into most middle class family budgets. So take a look before all the good property’s are gone, and you miss your chance to live at the beach.


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    TripleAMom 5 years ago from Florida


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    Kenneth Moody 5 years ago from Destin, Florida

    approved and added ur hub to my links

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    TripleAMom 5 years ago from Florida

    Hey, we're neighbors. I'm in Pensacola, but lived in Gulf Breeze growing up. Did a hub on Pensacola and the beach.

    Following you and voted up.