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Gypsy Caravan Holidays in Cornwall

Updated on July 14, 2016

Gypsy caravan holidays just went 21st century and now you can enjoy the fun of renting a gypsy caravan for your short break or holiday, without any of the inconveniences you'd imagine.

These are real gypsy caravans - but you're not pulling them behind a horse. These gypsy caravans are to be found in the countryside, parked in fields, alongside a cabin. Not a horse in sight - and no need to bridle up every morning and move on.

There are a growing number of gypsy caravan holidays starting to appear, where the gypsy caravan is fully insulated, modernised and up to scratch - and used simply for sitting in and sleeping. Alongside is a lovely eco-lodge for cooking and washing ... and all those lovely modern day conveniences like ... well, conveniences!

You can live the dream of a gypsy caravan, without the discomfort or lack of space. No horse is required as these gypsy caravans are sited in pastures.

Yes, you can get back to nature without having to actually skimp on any of your usual luxuries! Cheating, yes, but who cares - it's fun!!

Gypsy Caravan Holidays in Cornwall

One company offering gypsy caravan holidays in Cornwall has a fab setup just outside Padstow on the north Cornwall coast. There's one lodge and two separate gypsy caravans either side of it - fabulous for two couples or a whole family. Or even two singles on holiday together.

Gypsy Caravan Holidays in Cornwall

Gypsy Caravan Holidays in Cornwall.  Unique holiday lets.
Gypsy Caravan Holidays in Cornwall. Unique holiday lets. | Source

With one gypsy caravan having a double fold out bed and power socket, electric heating and electric blanket, and the other having a solid fuel stove and double fold out bed, seating, a table and a power socket with electric heater and electric blanket - just think how much fun it'd be and how cozy you'd be.

The separate cabin contains a shower room, WC, basin and a heated towel rail, along with a kitchen with a cooker, sink, fridge-freezer, dining table and chairs and electric heating. So you're not missing out!

These gypsy caravans are perfect for a romantic weekend, or week, away together. Or for a special anniversary. Why stay in a hotel when you can have solitude, romance and a lot of fun.

This particular gypsy caravan holiday would make a great fishing weekend location too as it's got access to a stocked carp lake, which you're welcome to fish. And outside there's even a campfire, so you can cook your catch when you bring it home!

Overall you're getting a huge amount of space, for the cost of many standard hotel rooms.

A markerSt Wenn -
Rough location of gypsy caravan
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There are quite a few gypsy caravans for hire for holidays, weekends and breaks in Cornwall - indeed, across England.

It's well worth looking into. After all, Travelodge just isn't really "fun" is it!


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