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Half Moon Cay Experience

Updated on April 16, 2013

I went to Half Moon Cay few days back and I greatly enjoyed the journey. I would love to go there once more if possible any time in my life. I joined few cruises and consider myself extremely lucky to be on some of the greatest islands. But believe me, Half Moon Cay is something different and I thoroughly enjoyed the whole cruise with lots of other tourists. I would love to share my experience with you guys making sure you make your cruise more enjoyable.

What to do:

You can a lot of things at Half Moon Cay. I liked horseback riding the most. As you ride the horse it will take you to the bank of sea which is quite extraordinary feeling. Beside this you can enjoy scuba, swimming, sunning, beach walk and some other adventures.


The weather is extremely helpful for tourists to enjoy a fantastic day of journey. The day I visited it was probably 28 degree. I thought every single of us enjoyed sunning. The water is blue and totally transparent. You can even see fishes are moving across the water.


The food was awesome and I was wondering how people arranged so many foods in a island like this. We had chicken grill, barbecue, burger as fast foods. The lunch included a lot of salads as well. Even the list of desserts was quite long. The interesting matter is, the cruise crew cook lunch in a big food corner and this is free. There are few bars where you can order your favorite one. You can either sit there and relax or take it away to the beach that is your preference.

Booking a Cruise:

I went by Carnival Cruise line's Ecstasy ship and was at Half Moon Cay at Day 4. I think the ship had just everything you need. The breakfast, lunch and diner was free and unlimited soda was included to your on board credit account. Although Holland America Line also sails their ship in this island, but I preferred carnival as like many others. I have a few tips for you about booking a cruise for Half Moon Cay. Don't wait for the last minute bargain rather book cruise ticket about 6-8 months earlier. This will certainly offer you a lot more discounts. It is better to book excursion when you are at ship. Make sure you have booked the air ticket as well. You must ensure that you reach port of embarkation few hours ago before it leaves.

I have described it quite briefly. Actually if I start writing about it, I could write a full book..haha... But I would love to make you keep guessing about this beautiful Half Moon Cay. Oh, one more thing this is actually a private island which was bought and developed for the tourists.

Have a Happy Tour.


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