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Best Countries and Famous Places to Visit in Europe - Top 5 Beautiful and Amazing Places

Updated on March 31, 2016

Have you ever visiting best countries and famous places in Europe? There are many beautiful and amazing places in Europe. Here the top 5 beautiful and amazing places as tips for the first time traveler to Europe. You will visit Russia with famous Red Square; Scandinavia like Finland with beautiful La Dame Blanche; Switzerland with Zermatt as the skiers best heaven, France with famous Eiffel and amazing De La Loire, Austria with famous beautiful huge flower Mirabell Garden,and Czech with amazing Staromestska Radnice.

Famous Place in Russia: The Saint Basil at the Red Square
Famous Place in Russia: The Saint Basil at the Red Square | Source

From Russia with Red Square

Let we start from the best of Russia, aha from Russian with love. the top famous place is the Red Square. There are many amazing and exotic building around the Red Square like the Lenin Mausoleum, the Saint Basil Cathedral, and Cathedral Kazan.

Lenin Mausoleum is the burial of father revolution of former Soviet Union. It look like pyramid with the layer of red. The Saint Basil Cathedral (see the picture). It was buit from 1555 - 1560 with nine chapels. The interior is amazing from one chapel to others. The architect of Saint Basil is Baranovsky.

If you need a shopping, do not worry, GUM Department Store is waiting for you. Most of the buildings have unique and beautiful architecture. Do not forget to buy some great souvenirs.

La Dame Blanche - Mont Blanc
La Dame Blanche - Mont Blanc | Source

Scandinavia the La Dame Blanche

Is visiting Russia not enough for you? From Russia we will travel to Scandinavia country like Finland, Sweden, and Norway. The romantic and beautiful mountain is the Mont Blanc or famous with name La Dame Blanche (The White Lady). Italian people called it the Monte Blanco. This is one of highest mountain and the most best destination in Europe continent.

After enjoy the unforgettable moment in the La Dame Blanche with your love or family, just remember that Nobel Price is celebrated in Stockholm (Sweden) and Oslo (Norway). You will meet with outstanding person who fight for our human rights. You can find many great Nobel Price souvenirs in this area, fantastic gift for your friends and colleague.

Skiing in Zermatt
Skiing in Zermatt | Source

Zermatt the Skiers Heaven

Take a few days to visit famous Zermatt in Switzerland. This city is surrounding by beautiful mountain, skies resort, and free of pollution. If you are skiers, Zermatt is a heaven for your next destination. By the way, you do not need to do skiing to explore the exotic valley and mountain in Zermatt. Cable cars will carry you up in the sky. After your skiing activity, let go sightseeing around the town by electrical car with battery energy.

France the Eiffel and De La Loire

One of the best visiting place in France is Eiffel Tower or La Dame de Fer (Iron Lady). It was build in 1889 and now as the most visited monument destination in the world. Want to have lunch there? Wow great deal! Other natural panoramic area is Loire Valley or De La Loire. It is the garden of France because abundance with vineyards, so enjoy a bottle of great wine there in the exotic castle like Chateau d’Amboise, Chambord, Chinon, Rivau, d’Usse, Villandry, and Chenonceau. It is like visiting the place in the fairy tale book where you are as prince and princess.

Chateau de Chenonceau
Chateau de Chenonceau | Source

Austria the Cristal of Mirabell Garden

Austria has many best places tourist destination like Innsburg and Salzburg. If you need classic crystal, you can go to famous crystal factory at Innsburg. If you ever watch the classical movie The Sound of Music, you will feel the romantic situation of the movie when you visiting the amazing botanical garden: Mirabell Garden at Salzburg. Do you feel tired? No! Ok, let travel to Czech especially the Prague.

Mirabell Garden - Salzburg
Mirabell Garden - Salzburg | Source
astronomical clock - Staromestska Radnice
astronomical clock - Staromestska Radnice | Source

Czech the Staromestska Radnice

Pargue in Czech is one of the city that mostly visited in Europe. Here you will visit famous places like Praha Castle, Charles Bridge, Old Town Square, Jewish Quarter, Lenon Wall, and Petrin Hill. But most of all, one of the distinguished place in Astronomical Clock or Staromestska Radnice. This clock is the icon in the area of Old Town.

If you are not satisfied yet, I am give up. This is my last tips of destination for you. You can go to Danube River in Budapest City or Saint Michel at Monaco. You can go to London, England, but this is the most expensive city for cost of living in Europe.

Have a nice visit to the best and famous places in Europe.

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