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Having Fun in Vancouver

Updated on March 28, 2010
Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C.
Granville Island in Vancouver, B.C.

Fun Things to do in Vancouver

Vancouver is one of Canada's most appealing cities, rich with history and natural beauty.  As far as big cities go, Vancouver isn't the biggest, nor the grandest.  Yet despite that, Vancouver has been rated the most liveable city in the world.  When you're in Vancouver, there's a little bit of something for everyone, especially those who enjoy the great outdoors.  Enough introduction, lets see what Vancouver has to offer!

Don't miss historic Gastown
Don't miss historic Gastown

Gastown is a Must!

Gastown is historic Vancouver, original and maintained, you'll get a sense of old fashioned Canadian living. Gastown was established in 1867, the same year Canada became a country. And unlike so much of Vancouver and its surrounding area, Gastown has remained original. What once made it modern and unoriginal now keeps it unique, unlike anything else you'll see in the country.

Cobbled streets, old buildings, and a vibrant street scene makes Gastown a must visit.  If you're interested purely in architecture, no other locale in Vancouver will offer as much to see.

The Gastown Steam Clock

The Gastown steam clock
The Gastown steam clock

While not a true original piece of Gastown, the Gastown steam clock was built in the mid 1970's, based on a late 1800's design. The clock is powered by steam, which comes from steam pipes that run underneath the city, which are used to heat some buildings. Every quarter hour, the clock vents its whistles, which means you don't need to wait around to get a picture of the clock venting steam.

The steam clock is one of the most popular photo ops in all of Gastown. It's not too often you find a clock powered by steam in a modern city like Vancouver.

The steam clock isn't the only thing to do in Gastown, however.  There's plenty of nightlife and great shopping.  If you're a lover of food, there's dozens of locales within Gastown that offer some great food at reasonable prices (this is Vancouver, of course, so don't expect a full meal for ten dollars)

Vancouver's Marketplace - Granville Island

Having fun on Granville Island is too easy. The busy, narrow streets are home to artists, performers, and great shopping. If you're looking for the freshest produce in Vancouver, Granville Island has some of the best fresh markets.

Check out the Granville Island brewery, even if you're not the beer drinking type. Tours are offered from June through to September, and include free drinks of the brewery's natural beer. It's not always easy, but the Granville Island market is a great place to relax and have lunch. Tables are always at a premium, however.

If you're interested in having lunch during your visit to Granville Island, there's countless eateries that fit every taste and budget.

You can stay at the Granville Island hotel if you're in love with the locale, many of the rooms offer views of the water.  There's a great resturaunt in the hotel, which serves some of the tastiest food on the Island.

Stanley Park is Nothing But Fun

Stanley Park is a great place to spend an entire day, from sunrise to sunset. A family friendly staple of Vancouver, you'll find one of Vancouver's most beautiful city spots, the Sea wall. A long walk that is totally worth the effort, the Sea Wall will give visitors a great view of the city from all angles. If the weather is nice, one of the most comforting things to do in all of Vancouver is to find a nice stretch of grass on the Sea Wall, to take a rest and enjoy the views.

A walk on the Sea Wall will be beautifil all day, with the ocean at your fingertips the whole time. If you absolutely must visit the Sea Wall, you should be willing to spend at least half a day enjoying it, and the views, sights and sounds that is has to offer.  If you want to see the entire Sea Wall within a day, you can spend an entire day just walking and enjoying yourself.  Not only will you enjoy one of Vancouver's best spots, you'll also get some great exercise!

The Vancouver Aquarium

Spend Some Time at The Vancouver Aquarium!

One of the most enjoyable things to do for a few hours in Stanley Park is to visit the Vancouver Aquarium. There's something for everyone, with reasonable prices and lots to see, the entire family can enjoy this one.

Two adults can enter for $44.00, a bargain by Vancouver standards, with kids under 3 getting in for free, kids between 4-12 for $14.00, and everyone else for $17.00.

Depending on which time of the day you're in the aquarium, you can see Beluga training sessions, the Dolphin Show, Sea Otter Talk, or Critter Corner.  Even if you only see just one of these events during your visit, your entry fee will be totally worth it. 

Science World is a Must Visit For Families

Science World is a staple of the Vancouver skyline, a huge shiny ball that houses the Science World Omnimax. Even if you're not interested in watching movies on a massive screen, you'll find plenty to do in Science World. Most of what is available to see in Science World can also be interacted with. The sole idea behind this unique place is to teach anything science related, by making it as fun as it can possibly be. And fun it is. Even a mature adult will have a hard time not touching and playing with everything they see in Science World.

If you've always wondered what education would be like if it was incredibly interesting and fun, you owe it to yourself to spend at least half a day at Science World.  A science amusement park that disguises education so cleverly, kids want to go there.  Amazing.

The Capilano Suspenion Bridge

The Capilano Suspension Bridge is a great place to get indepth with the nature surrounding Vancouver. The drop can be quite disconcerting as you cross the bridge, however the view is completely worth it.

The bridge itself gets all the attention, as it truely is a magnificent thing to experience, however there's more to do that just gawk at a bridge! The Capilano bridge is located within the park of the same name, with lots of hiking and, if it's hot out, swimming. There are several "pools" to swim in, however do so at your own risk, as there are no life guards, and currents can become treacherous.

Visit the Capliano trading post on your way out, where you can find all kinds of souveniers and trinkets.  If your day spent walking has made you hungry, you can dine at any of the food venues within the park.  If you're a nature junky who loves the great outdoors, the Capilano brige and assosciated park can offer countless hours of enjoyment.

In Closing

This article doesn't even begin to scratch the surface of Vancouver, and all of its fun attactions and things to do.  This article is merely a guide to help get you started.  If you think I didn't mention some fun things to do, leave a comment and let me know, I might just add something that I missed! 

Vancouver is a beautiful city.  It is one of those cities that keeps drawing you back.  Once you've arived, you will not want to leave.  Vancouver isn't a cheap place to live by any means, but it can certainly be a cheap place to visit if you play your cards right.  Having fun in Vancouver can be as expensive or inexpensive as you desire, with a little bit of something for everyone.


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