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Hawai'i O Hawai'i : Your Island Jewels Fair

Updated on February 11, 2013

The sun-kissed, wave-washed volcanic island chain that rises from the ocean floor of the Pacific is the backdrop for an epic poem of Hawai'i. The poem is written in five segments. This video presents the first.

Hawai’i, Breath of Life: Part One
Fire, Earth and Air

Hawai’i, O Hawai’i, your island jewels fair,
set in the blue Pacific with fire, earth and air.

Built up from molten rock spewing out from vented earth,
full of mystery and magic from the moment of your birth.

Your cliffs are cut by clouds, of tears and driven rain,
and in your fire and ice I see human joy and pain.

In your misty clouds, raindrops speak a metaphor,
sunlight prisms into colors and the One expresses more.

The bow of many colors, one heart with many hands,
and honor to the earth, one home of many lands.

The many-colored arch is to me a wondrous show
of diversity in wholeness for the people of the bow.

The golden disk of sun washes gold the eastern bay,
awakening the earth and arousing a new day.

And at the end of day, sun setting in the west,
clouds blaze with dragon fire as the earth lies down to rest.

Hawai’i, Breath of Life: Part Two
The Endless Sky

At dusk the lunar orb rises in the dimming sky
and casts her silver glow upon all that on earth lie.

And although the sun and moon rise and fall o’er every land,
nature’s force is raw and present on volcanic island sand.

Your forests drip with mystery, beaches wash with visions seen
of other-worldly energies beyond imagining.

The source of life, of nature, watches o’er these islands fair
and touches humankind with light through sea and air.

And when the human mind relaxes on its hold,
each person can experience the breaking of the mold –

to live in both the worlds of form and endless Source,
at will with clear intention and empowered by life force.

It is the nature of the islands, so far from mass of land,
to work with human nature as directed by Life’s hand.

Dark clouds of all emotions move by wind across the sky,
the endless sky of Self, the constant, stable I.

Hawai’i, Breath of Life: Part Three
Mana, Living Force

In Hawai’i the breath of Life, known as mana, living force,
is an ever-present river flowing on its endless course.

The mana that expresses in all diversity
lives in the blade of grass and the eucalyptus tree.

And the voice of inner wisdom from stillness calls my name,
"In the moment you allow, you and the River are the same."

Hawai’i, you hold the space of the voice’s inner portal
and balance in your hands, eternal with the mortal.

Your valleys and your caves map out the human soul,
with a path when fully traveled that merges with the whole.

In your magic moments and in your island skies,
you offer gifts of self-discovery, each gift a new surprise.

Your trees are heavily laden with flowers, seed and fruit.
From the palm tree to the pine, knotted with the gnarled root.

The exuberant hibiscus, the bird of paradise,
sweet-scented flowering shrubs, open senses to entice

into another consciousness, delight that does enthrall,
a heart-expanded freedom of oneness with it all.

Hawai’i, Breath of Life: Part Four
Beyond the Veil

Your deserts hide surprises of life and radiance
and on your peaks the sun and moon meet in a joyful dance.

More than geckos and chameleons inhabit you, you know,
and more than sand moves o’er the land as gentle breezes blow.

Beyond your veil of nature is an order higher still
that vibrates to the song of Source, the higher will.

Mana of Hawai’i, you bridge the worlds so well
and announce there is a choice, with horn and temple bell.

You harbor lighted cruise ships, you port the fishing boat,
and in your waves, for days and days, the surfers bob and float.

The ferry plows through channels, sailboats anchor in their nest
with the mountain always watching, who’s awake and who’s at rest.

And the mystery of your waters is deeper than we know
for you harbor creatures from beyond as well as from below.

Hawai’i, Breath of Life: Part Five
The Hidden Unveiled

The humpback travels far, to give Hawaiian water birth.
Safe haven for these creatures, a Hawaiian gift to earth.

In the bays and hidden coves, of the Hawaiian island chain,
dolphins spin and mantas ray, through sunshine and the rain.

In the shafts of waving sunlight, green sea turtles bank and dive,
in strong and graceful motions, keeping mystery alive.

Out of the water shadows, gleaming eyes and teeth appear
and without a moment’s notice, the deadly shark is near.

The bay is filled with life, with eels and colored fish,
on shore the nature spirits, land on flowers to make a wish.

A prayer that humankind, would choose another way,
to live in peace and harmony, to Be not just to say.

For the mana of Hawai’i, holds a vision clear and true,
and invites all earthly creatures, including me and you,

to feel the deep connection, with life on every plane,
to know that we are one, and walk this knowing lane.

Hawai’i, O Hawai’i, the living breath of God,
keeper of the hidden secrets, and now you give the nod

for the hidden to unveil, and give all an equal choice
to surrender to one Source, from the heart to lift one voice.


This project began in 2004 when I was on the island of Molokai and wrote a poem of Hawai'i. I added images gathered from the far corners of the internet and wrote all image owners for permission. The development, however, was put on hold due to family emergency. Now, nine years later, it returns in a debut on Hubpages.

Video written and developed by:
Gary R. Smith
Emanate Presence

Music used by permission:
Medwyn Goodall
Runestone, Secrets of Avalon
From Shadows and Light

All images are either photography by Gary R. Smith, used by permission of their respective owners, or believed to be in the public domain. Last known sites of image sources are listed below. Ones found to still be active are linked. Please address any questions to Emanate Presence.

Celestial Heart by Daniel Holeman

Collage of Tears

Denial by MeloD

Double Rainbow

DreamTemple by Gilbert Williams

Earth Map

Haleakala Crater
Photo courtesy of Hawaii Pictures

Hawaii Aerial

Hula Girls

Lava Flow
Courtesy of US Geological Survey, Hawaiian Volcano Observatory (HVO)

Lights of Earth at Night attributed to NASA

Molokai Pali in Clouds
Haleakala Sunrise

Performing Group
Morse C. Flores from the Philippines,
United Rhythm Patricia from Samoa,
Yaw from Ghana, Mary from Nigeria, Kylie from Australia.


Rainbow Over Hill

Rainbow People

Sacred Journey

Snow-capped Mauna Kea
Mauna Kea Infrared


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