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Helen Georgia - Brasstown Bald

Updated on November 21, 2011

I visited Brasstown Bald this week, and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. I went there just to take pictures and to do a write up for one of my websites Helen Georgia .Net, but was truly amazed at what a neat place this is. Upon my arrival I paid my typical $3.00 parking fee, and went into the gift shop adjacent to the parking area. The gift shop was mostly refreshments, a few books by local authors on mountain history and so fourth, and a handful of mountain style souvenirs.

The observation tower at the top of Brasstown Bald is not right at the parking area, and upon looking up to it, I realized that was quite the distance and inquired as to how visitors were supposed to get up to the tower. The clerk in the gift sop said you have one of two choices; you can either hike up the trail to it, or take the shuttle bus.

Well I was really in the mood to hike, but it looked like a major hike, but as it turns out, the hike is only 6/10ths of a mile, but the trick is that it is a very steep hike uphill all the way making it based on the store clerks account equivalent to a 3 mile hike. Like I said I was in the mood for a hike, just not that one. The fee to take the shuttle bus round trip up to the observation tower was $3.00, so I figured that was a fair price so off I went.

The observation tower is the main area of attractions. The tower set 4,478’ above sea level making it the highest point in the State of Georgia. You get a immaculate 360 degree mountain view that’s perfect for photography, or just sitting in one of the white country style rocking chairs for a few hours and catching up on your reading. Whatever you choose to do, the temperature is not a problem. Even on hot scorching Georgia days of summer, the temperature up there rarely rises above the low 80’s, and the nice mountain breeze makes it feel like the mid 70’s, so this is just a nice place to go and sit all day, read, and take in the scenery.

At the observation deck there is a nice large museum chock full of exhibits designed to raise awareness and adventure in both the young and the old. Exhibits range from mountain history, information on the surrounding mountain plant and wildlife, geological information, and some really unique robotic talking characters giving educational lessons on mountain history, and current conservation efforts.

There is a small but very comfortable theatre that runs educational documentaries about mountain history, and takes visitors through a scenic tour of the mountains as the seasons change.

The observation tower also has stand-mounted binoculars allowing visitors the opportunity to see very long distances across several states.

Down at the parking area, there are several nice picnic tables with a awesome view, and convenient grills for that perfect family cookout all furnished with a outstanding view, and a cool mountain breeze.

I had one of my guitars in the trunk of my car, so I rode back down on the shuttle bus, got my guitar and the Sunday paper, went back up to the observation deck and stayed up there for almost four straight hours just enjoying the environment.

Brasstown Bald is an attraction you can visit time and time again. Even if you never go back into the museum, the gift shop, or the theatre, you could visit this place at least once a month just for the exercise of the 6/10ths mile hike up to the observation area, and just a place to go and spend a day reading and taking in the cool mountain air, and the scenery. I believe I will make Brasstown Bald a regular part of my adult therapy that all of us adults need.

Brasstown Bald is located just minutes from Helen Ga. off Hwy 180

See the HD video to your right, it’s got a few still shots mixed in with the video, and the music is somewhat pleasant. Also if you like this information, please visit my personal web sites for high quality pictures, write-ups, information, and HD video, on all kinds of Georgia attractions and stuff to see and do...

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