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Hiking Torrey Pines State Beach Park in San Diego

Updated on April 17, 2014

Walking in Paradise

As the ocean sounds rise up and meet you on your morning hike, you know you are at Torrey Pines. Warm air, well groomed trails, and spectacular views by the dozen surround you from every trail.

Located in the center of San Diego county, Torrey Pines is a spectacular stop. You will not find restaurants, souvenir stands, or any commercial venture for that matter. No Torrey Pines offers a preserved natural setting and well groomed trails. The trail is maintained in this state by diligent volunteer crews diligently who start their day by removing invading species from the trails. You don't have top pull any weeds though to enjoy this place, but you will need to pay an entry fee to drive into the park, which runs around $8 per person. Your other choice is to park along the ocean just outside the park and walk in, walking in is free of charge.

When you get to the top of the hill you will have several trail options ranging from a short 10 minute loop to longer 40 minute loops covering 2-3 miles. Most trails end at either an overlook of the ocean or deck extending out over the cliffs. The views above the beach are spectacular. Trail difficulty rating ranges from easy to moderate.

The road into Torrey Pines, as viewed from a short loop trail


Sights and Sounds of Torrey Pines

Feeling the ocean breezes and warm sunshine above Torrey Pines has no parallel. There are several benches along the trails to sit and take in the views. Trails from easy to moderate abound throughout the park. Driving in and to the top of the hill will cost you an admission fee but saves the otherwise fairly long walk up the hill.

Torrey Pines location

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Pack light and bring your camera

There is no water or food available so bring along a bottle of water per person and light snacks, either carried in your hand or pocket, or better yet, pack a small backpack. The temperatures are usually in the low 80s in mid summer and 60s to 70s is spring and fall. Winter temperatures can drop into the 50s, but usually not much colder. This is a year round park, so off season is actually a good time to make your trek through the area.

Glider riding the wind above the ocean and cliffs


Nearby Sites

The area is loaded with activity. Just north of Torrey Pines is DelMar, one of the best ocean front towns in San Diego. Small shops and lots of dining choices can be found just North. There is no need to get back on the freeway, just drive North 3-4 miles and you are there! DelMar has a great fairgrounds that comes alive just in late June to early July. Great music, rides, and competitions are on hand. Competitions and exhibits inlclude photography, art, and farm animals. Across the street from the DelMar fiargrounds sits one of the best golf ranges in San Diego if you happen to need to take a few swings.

Just south of Torrey Pines sits Torrey Pines Glider Port and Torrey Pine s Municipal Golf Course occasional location for the US Open and yearly, the Farmer's Open.

The Glider Port is a great spot to stop for lunch, or if you want to take the dare, go for a glide over the ocean. Most people stop in for lunch on the back balcony and watch gliders run toward and then off the cliff as they start their glide over the ocean.

The Trails Await!


One of the many protected Torrey Pine Trees


Torrey Pines Facts

Here are a few additional facts about Torrey Pines

  • Torrey Pines is 1750 acres in size
  • Home to 3,000 Torrey Pine Trees
  • The Torrey Pine is our nation's rarest tree
  • The visitor center is open 9-6 during summer and 10-4 during winter
  • The park closes at sunset
  • Stay on the trails, the area is a preserve
  • No alcohol or pets allowed on the trails

This is truly one of the great hiking areas. If you stop into San Diego, this area is a must for anyone wanting to get outdoors.


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    • The Examiner-1 profile image

      The Examiner-1 4 years ago

      That was interesting and beautiful Ben. If I could I might go there to check out the nature. It gets a thumbs up and I shared it and pinned it.


    • CraftytotheCore profile image

      CraftytotheCore 4 years ago

      Such a beautiful place. I visited San Diego years ago when we went to visit my grandfather's sister.