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Surviving Thanksgiving and Holiday's Travels

Updated on December 28, 2016
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I am a travel vlogger, videographer, blogger and comedy youtuber who travels the world and shares my experiences and travel expertise.

Everybody knows that traveling during the holidays is one of the most stressful and expensive experiences. There are a lot of first-time problems out there but we still travel during the holidays.

How to survive your holiday travel?

Get fully charged electronics

I've spent much time scouring the airports for the elusive hidden plugs that are usually in nooks and crannies and you have to scout them out and you have to fight people for them, this is not something you want to do especially during the crazy busy holiday season there is not enough plugs and airports let me just tell you that unless you have access to a lounge the chances of you finding a plug during this time is very slim, so have fully charge of electronics and bring spare USB charging battery packs with you that are also fully charged so you never have to run out of juice for your entertainment options also noise-canceling headphones.

Why add more stress during your life. In this time, three hours minimum check-in online and pick your seat just do it and print out your boarding pass so usually skip one of the various lines you will be waiting for, seriously will save you a lot of time and also you can pick a seat in the front of the plane so if you have a connecting flight you'll be one of the first people off that plane track your flight seriously know where each and every one of your flights.

There are many ways that you can do with their airline apps, airport apps and flight tracking apps on these various websites or apps you can check to see the status of your flight if it's been delayed if it's been canceled if it's been whatever the heck is happening to your flight you will know plus they usually come like a contact info so you could find the most up-to-date flight info.

Following your airlines and airports that you were going through on Twitter because it becomes a very good method of communication with Airlines or airports, if something goes wrong or to get status updates or delay update you need to know follow them on Twitter.

Increasing of airport and airline traffic means increasing of bags that could possibly get lost because there's just a lot more baggage hang around there's more people to deal with, more flights and more of everything, so if you want to guarantee that your bag will make it to your destination during this crazy busy season then you are dream.

If your flight gets rescheduled or needs to be delayed you have your bag with you so you have more freedom to get the better flights or the better connecting flights because all your luggage with you don't have to transfer any of your luggage.

Bags get lost in bag limbo this is a true thing, I've had my baggage lost in bag limbo basically the system can't release it because here's these packages a very complicated system so carry on but what do we do with all of our gifts then well we ship that because shipping and mailing is a thing especially larger items that really might be worth it for not only the hassle and stress but just the ease of not having to carry it to ship it to your destination.

Bring entertainment just assumes that you are going to be waiting in line at some point during your journey so bring some audio books or real-life books or movies or music on your phone or something else to keep you entertained during this time.


The most amazing thing ever when traveling is to plan to sleep, so whether that's on an airplane or unfortunately at an airport have a spare empty pillowcase with you that you can like stuff with other clothing to make like a pillow and have either a scarf or a big jacket and you're traveling in the wintertime, so you are comfortable and warm also.

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