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Pirates of Somalia take Hostages!

Updated on June 14, 2013

Somali Pirate


Hostages are their Bounty!

What happened to the good old pirates that would only be looking for a chest full of gold as their bounty? They would sail the high seas seeking the next treasure chest on their list going from island to island in search of their bounty.

Pirates are found Mainly in Somalia Waters

The pirates of today are using human lives as bargaining chips to get their ransom monies which have run into the millions. These ransoms have been paid to pirates all in gaining back the freedom of the unfortunate hostages. Pirates today are found mostly around the waters of Somalia there was said to be 53 world wide high jacked ships in 2010 49 of these where off the coast of Somalia.

4 Americans Killed

Somali pirates tend to take care of their captives as they are bargaining chips which will make the pirates millions along with the cargo. But this all changed recently when four Americans where killed after they had been taken hostage. Like most things there are two sides to this story one being the American Military and the other the Somali pirates.

Gunfire on "the Quest"

The Americans story is that negotiations where under way with the pirates when they heard gunfire coming from the high-jacked vessel "the Quest". The American naval seals got on the boat without firing a shot but they killed two pirates during the process of regaining the vessel.

Distributing Bibles

They found the four shot Americans (the owners of the vessel) Jean and Scott Adam along with two American passengers Phyllis Mackay, and Bob Riggle. The owners of the vessel had embarked on a trip around the world during which they where distributing bibles as they went. These Christian people did not deserve to die in this manner.

Somali Pirates Killed in Retaliation

The Somali pirates on the other hand say that it was the American Military that fired first and killed two of their men. They in turn killed the hostages out of retaliation for the deaths of their fellow pirates.

Victims were Only Trying to Deliver the Word of the Lord

In the end it doesn't really matter who fired first but four innocent lives where lost on this terrible day. We need more good Christians like these victims not less. All they where trying to do was spread the good word of the lord. These unfortunate people where trying to deliver the word of the lord by bringing bibles to those in need of some spiritual guidance.

Pick up Bible Not Weapon

It is just too bad that the Somali pirates didn't choose to pick up a bible instead of a deadly weapon. If they had of chose the bible four people would be alive today; continuing to spread the good word as they sailed the waters of the world.

Most Dangerous Waters

The Somali pirates where first made up of frustrated fishermen not being violent towards their hostages. Unfortunately it seems that the pirates are now coming from more sordid violent backgrounds. Today's Somali pirates are becoming more dangerous and unpredictable on how they are treating their hostages. These are the most dangerous waters of the world to be sailing in. If you are thinking of taking a cruise or a sail around the world these are waters you might want to steer clear of on your journey. To have a safe holiday you must remember to travel safe!


Do you believe the number of Pirates will increase in the World today?

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    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 5 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thank you so much dahoglund for your informative comment; I agree that we should as they say fight fire with fire!

    • dahoglund profile image

      Don A. Hoglund 5 years ago from Wisconsin Rapids

      I think we do need a no nonsense policy of dealing with pirates and other hostile adversaries. Interestingly, I read somewhere that at one time it seemed to be routine to take prisoners and government would ransom them depending on how important the persons were.

    • Pamela-anne profile image

      Pamela-anne 6 years ago from Miller Lake

      Thanks for your comment Phoebe pirates in general are not known to be good guys no matter where or when they where sailing the seas. I wouldn't say the olden days pirates where more violent but maybe just as violent as the modern day pirate. I guess when I was thinking of the olden day pirates I had a picture of "Jack Sparrow"from the movie "Pirates of the Carribean". Thanks again for the comment much appreciated I enjoy hearing someone else's perspective.

    • profile image

      Phoebe Pike 6 years ago

      Very interesting, except the fact that pirates of the olden days were even more violent. Such as, killing the man who dug the hole for the treasure chest so no one else would know it's location. Walking the plank, killing people without taking any hostages and etc.