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HotJobs and Travel in Broken Arrow and Tulsa OK

Updated on February 22, 2014

Oklahoma Historic Tours

The Broken Arrow and Tulsa area is an interesting sector of Oklahoma to visit for a number of reasons. The area features many historic installations that commemorate the American pioneers int he move westward to the Pacific and California, reminiscences of the Gold Rush Days, Native American Nations, the Pony Express, cattle drives, and intermingling of cultures.

Broken Arrow is the home of Rhema Bible College, to which hundreds of students relocate for study leading toward various degrees in Christian ministries. Some of these are retirees that came to Rhema after their secular work was complete in order to pursue a second career in ministry, including music ministry. These retirees come from all career fields, including career armed services stints. I knew a fellow that graduated from college, served in the armed services, relocated to Broken Arrow with friends for study, and went to the mission field overseas. This particular group is successful today in South American and African Nations, helping to rebuild villages after floods and famine. A great many other respected colleges and universities are located in the Tulsa area as well, offering guided tours, arts, and music.

A public domain photo believed to be CHief Cochise and two native children.
A public domain photo believed to be CHief Cochise and two native children.

Blackfoot and Commanche

Elders at Pow Wows tell me that the Blackfoot Nation in Oklahoma used a broken arrow to signal during battle that they were willing to end combat. From this historic signal, the Town of Broken Arrow takes its name. Several nations of Native Americans lived in and passed through Oklahoma to the farther West during the early days of the USA as the New Nation in the 1780s, up past the Civil War.

The Golden Age of Television saw Broken Arrowto success in 1956 - 1958, with Michael Ansara in one of his many Native American career roles, that of the famous chief of the Chiricahua Apache, Cochise; and John Lupton as an Indian Agent of the Federal Government (his most famous role). A film of the same name was released in July 1950, starring Jimmy Stewart and Jeff Chandler (as Cochise), as well as Jays Silverheels as Geronimo.


The Creek Nation was also relocated by the federal government, and enjoyed a community named Broken Arrow. just 5 miles south of the present day location of the Oklahoma town. In 1826, the Creeks came to Oklahoma and brought with them a ceremony held after the American Civil War. In this, an arrow was broken to symbolize peace and a rejoining of the two Civil War Creek factions that had fought in the war on opposite sides. The Creeks went on to establish business success in the area long-term. For additional tribes, see the links below.

Tribute: Broken Arrow by Robbie Robertson

Top Hiring Employers

  1. IBM
  2. Cross-Post 
  3. Sonic Drive-In
  4. St. John Medical Center
  5. Blockbuster
  6. Southcrest Hospital
  7. Express Employment Professionals - A well known national chain of recruiters. 
  8. Bank of Oklahoma
  9. Hospital Jobs Online
  10. Pizza Hut 
  11. NORDAM
  12. Advance Auto Parts, Inc.
  13. Nursefinders

Top 10 Hot Jobs

All of the Top 10 Hot Jobs are in Healthcare (3) and Retail Sales (7).

  1. Physical Therapists
  2. Salespeople
  3. Assistant Managers - Small retail stores, coffee shops, chain fast food places, etc.
  4. Sales Managers
  5. Licensed Practical Nurses - LPNs
  6. Associate Managers - a step above Assistant Manager
  7. Co-Managers
  8. Skating Carhops & Crew Members - Sonic Drive Ins
  9. Registered Nurses - RNs
  10. Assistant Store Managers

1100% Increase in Jobs Listings

Broken Arrow is a suburb very close to the City of Tulsa. While job listings have increased in both communities, with fluctuations, since 2005; more jobs have been listed proportionately for Broken Arrow than for Tulsa, with an 1100% increase in listings in the summer of 2009. Beginning January 2010 after a decline, job listings increased again, as seen form the graph below. In addition, data from indicates a slight decline in the sping and a resurgence of new job listings beginning in May 2010 throughout summer.


Incredible Job Inceases

Data provided by, a job search and trending engine.
Data provided by, a job search and trending engine.

University and Colleges

  • Broken Arrow Beauty College
  • Brown Mackie College
  • Clarey Sage College
  • Community Care College
  • Kenneth Hagin Ministries - Rhema Bible College
  • Northeastern State University Broken Arrow
  • Oklahoma Wesleyan University
  • Oklahoma Health Academy
  • Phillips Theological Seminary
  • Platt College
  • St. Gregory's University
  • Southern Nazarene University
  • Spartan College - Aeronautics
  • Tulsa Community College
  • Tulsa Technology Center
  • Tulsa Welding School
  • University of Tulsa
  • Vatterott College
  • Wings Training
  • Wright Career College

Tourist Attractions

Broken Arrow is just southeast of Tulsa OK, largely in Tulsa County and the northwest portion of the state. Local tourism is healthy and based in accommodations, dining, family activities, tours, retail, visits to universities (including museums, theaters, and art installations), regional events, historical tours, and other venues. Many attractions are open all year and hire full-time and part-time workers as needed. Check websites below for employment information as well as attractions.


Begun in Texas in 1907, Blue Bell took its name form the Texas blue bell flower and traveled to Oklahoma to open additional outlets. Blue Bell is one of the American Top Three Favorite Ice Creams, even though it is available in only 1/4 of US States. Sales are significantly high in those states. A local Blue Bell creamery in Broken area enjoys travelers as much as they enjoy its tours and products. Tours are very inexpensive and include a visit to the Country Store and a video presentation Monday through Friday. See Blue Bell Creamery Tour Information at


Safari's Animal Sanctuary is a popular stopoff. It is an interactive animal sanctuary in Broken Arrow that features an educational component and many animal babies of a range of creatures. General admission is reasonable and a VIP Hands-On Package for groups of 5 or more begins at $100 and is worth the price. All tours include training to youth about the dangers to both man and animal inherent in keeping exotic pets at home as pets. The animals at Safari's are rescues and well cared for, seeming happy to meet visitors as they enjoy natural surroundings across 12 acres.

Professional animal keepers and veterinary healthcare specialists rescue every type of wildlife that they can. Animals from exotic African mammals to barnyard friends are available for view and petting.

Big cats are a specialty with this organization and they feature a Golden Tabby Tiger and barbary lions. Feeding the big cats can be part of your interactive tour. During Summer Splash months, visitors are permitted to spray down the tigers with gentle hose water.


Broken Arrow displays works of art around town for public enjoyment, as well as in art galleries and museums (see above). The community supports a performance arts center and a community playhouse as well. Sporting culture is well received via golf courses and pro bass shops for good local fishing.


Aside from malls in Tulsa, Broken Arrow offers a continually developing Downtown District and the Main Street Merchants. At least one major event is held Downtown each quarter of the year and nearly any type of goods and services are available in shops and larger retail concerns. As Downtown develops in the future, additional jobs will become available as well. Visit

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