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Hotel Day Rooms are Ideal for Business Travellers

Updated on December 11, 2017

Many business people use day rooms in hotels when they are visiting a city to take part in a conference. There are plenty of this type of event held in the capital of the UK, and so there is a very large range of hotel day rooms in London.

Why Use Day Rooms?

Day rooms provide a lot of benefits to anyone who is on a business trip to the big city. They provide a place where you can have some personal privacy and give you somewhere you can relax while taking a break from a busy conference. Perhaps you are a speaker giving a talk or hosting a workshop at such an event, and if so, it is good to be able to spend some time to yourself in between your professional engagements.

Having the use of your own day room in a hotel, also provides you with a place to freshen up before you return to the event. Perhaps too, you want to make some changes to work you are presenting and need the peace and quiet a day room can offer.

Of course, it is not only attendees for business events that can benefit from day rooms. Anyone coming to London for sports and cultural events can find them useful too, and so can travellers, who are not staying long in the city.

At a Conference
At a Conference | Source

Your Day Room as a Temporary Office

Perhaps you have met someone, such as a new business contact or client, at the event that you need to talk to in private, and this is another reason why having a day room can provide you with just what you need because you can bring them to your room so you can have some privacy. Your day room can quickly become a temporary office for the period of your stay. Wi-fi and Internet access provides you with a means of communication and research for your purposes.

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Hotels by the Hour

Day rooms are usually booked in advance in blocks of hours. Normally, the rooms are rented from 8 am in the morning through till 5pm in the early evening when you check out, and this is why the term “day rooms” has come about. Some hotels allow a longer day with checkout time being at 6 pm. Day rooms do not have to be only for use by day because in many hotels it is possible to use these rooms in the evening too. Such a room is ideal for relaxing with a quiet drink after a long and busy day.

Many modern hotels have found that they can ensure better daytime occupancy by offering this service, and, of course, these establishments benefit financially by doing so. It is clearly advantageous to have a full hotel at all times. There are business services set up to help you find the best day rooms for your needs, and, for example, if you are looking to rent rooms in London, you could book hotels by the hour via

Heathrow Airport
Heathrow Airport | Source

Hotels Near Airports

If you have travelled to London on a business trip it is likely that you have come by plane and arrived at any one of London’s airports, and fortunately there are hotels, such as the Ibis Styles London Heathrow Hotel, nearby with day rooms you can rent for the period of your stay. After a long flight, perhaps you would like to take a shower and freshen up before you have to go to an important business event, and a day room at an airport hotel gives you the opportunity to do so if you have arrived early enough in the morning. Being booked into such a hotel is also ideal for getting away at the end of your visit.

Hotels Near Train Stations

The train is another method of travelling to and from London, and just like with the city’s airports, there are plenty of hotels within easy reach of train stations like London Paddington and London Victoria, and many of these hotels have day rooms available amongst their services.

If you are going to be travelling to London for a short period of time there a day room could be ideal for helping you make the most of your visit.



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