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Which is Better - Vacation Rental or Hotel?

Updated on August 21, 2017
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The Privacy of a Villa Is Hard to Beat

A villa with its own pool and gardens can give you more privacy than a hotel
A villa with its own pool and gardens can give you more privacy than a hotel | Source

Your Choice of Holiday Accommodation Can Make a Real Difference

Whether you decide to choose a hotel-based package or a rental home for your vacation is simply down to personal choice and neither can be said to be better than the other. What will suit one person’s requirements will not necessarily suit another’s and there are pros and cons to be said for both.

If you want a quiet family break then a sprawling hotel is perhaps not for you and you would much prefer an away-from-it-all location that gives you the independence and freedom which a vacation rental allows.

Generally speaking, a hotel environment may be better for families with small children. Here, a couple will be able to enlist the services of childminders while they spend precious time together as their young ones can enjoy the many and varied activities available with other children of their own age. Knowing your kids are being cared for and entertained by fully-trained reps gives you peace of mind throughout the vacation. Children are never easy to entertain so any hotel-based organised activities always go down well and give parents free time to devote to their own pursuits. This is something that won't be possible in a vacation home rental.

A hotel may restrict you to set patterns and meal times; you may not want to get up for an early breakfast after the revels of the night before or come away from the beach in the middle of the day to take the set lunch. You'll resent the fact that you'll have to dispense with your beachwear and don more suitable attire. In that case, it would be far better to do your own thing and opt for a self-catering apartment or villa. This doesn't mean you have to wash dishes all day long - it means you're free to eat out at any restaurant of your choice and not be restricted to hotel menus and mealtimes.

Hotels will likely expect you to vacate your room for cleaning at certain times each day but with a vacation rental, you can enjoy a greater degree of privacy by avoiding the constant presence of hotel staff and other guests. The maid service at vacation rental homes may only be an option and it will be more of a home- from-home, giving you greater choices over who you associate with. It all depends on how independent and carefree you wish to be.

It's wise to gauge before booking any holiday as to what regime will most fit in with your particular habits. Do you need the constant cosseted environment that a hotel provides or are you prepared to be independent? What do you, as an individual really expect from a vacation? Would an all-inclusive deal bore you to tears because you won't have to lift a finger, or will it provide the welcome break you need?

Hotels Can Offer Great All-inclusive Packages

Hammamet hotels are the height of luxury
Hammamet hotels are the height of luxury | Source

Choosing your Accommodation Type

Budget 'Small and Friendly' Hotels are Often Just as Good as More Expensive Options

A warm welcome at a small and friendly hotel in Turkey
A warm welcome at a small and friendly hotel in Turkey | Source

If You Can't Make up Your Mind, Why Not Try Both?

Whatever type of holiday accommodation you choose is the most sensible option for you, the standard of vacation rentals and hotels nowadays is extremely high. In order to be successful, both hotels and vacation homes have to uphold and improve these high standards year after year. They need to constantly maintain their ratings so the chances are you'll still have an enjoyable vacation one way or another.

Give it a try and sample both types of vacation and you'll likely come to the conclusion that there are advantages and disadvantages to be said for both. Personal circumstances can change over time so what may suit you one year may not suit you the next. It also makes a big difference as to the size of your group and the ages and interests of the people you'll be travelling with. The hire of a huge villa would not be viable for a couple as they could be waited on hand and foot in a hotel for half the price - meals and drinks included.

Now, that's What I Call a Sea View!

Gloria Palace Amadores, Gran Canaria
Gloria Palace Amadores, Gran Canaria | Source

A Private Villa Gives You More Freedom to Eat When You Please

Private villas are an excellent choice for larger families or groups of friends
Private villas are an excellent choice for larger families or groups of friends | Source

Vacation rental or hotel? Advice from TripAdvisor

Hotels Have Vast Pools That Can Get Crowded in High Season

Hotels can be crowded even if they are the height of luxury!
Hotels can be crowded even if they are the height of luxury! | Source

After reading this article, which type of accommodation would you be likely to chose for your next vacation?

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    • Gerardo Subrizio profile image

      Gerardo Subrizio 7 months ago from Carapelle

      Hi Stella,

      thank you for your article. That is real an enigma. Working in the tourism industry, I can tell you that there are some people preferring hotel and other preferring their own Villa, but the bottom line is somehow always the price!