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How Has Technology Affected Luxury Travel?

Updated on January 24, 2014
Luxury Travel
Luxury Travel

Impact of Technology on Luxury Travel

In fact, many kinds of gadgets, high-tech devices and technologically-advanced applications have permeated the length and breadth of every industry to bring about dramatic changes in processes and systems. Like others, the sector of luxury travel has adopted several practices based on cutting-edge technology to make the customer experience even smoother, easier, more fun and definitely more memorable!

Here’s having a look at how technology has changed the course of luxury travel:

Dedicated Travel Websites

The advent of websites that were conceptualized with the sole aim to attract and inspire travelers across the world, changed the face of luxury travel. In partnership with its 500-plus travel affiliates, TripAdvisor, the reigning authority on syndicating user reviews of hotels, restaurants and airlines, has experienced exponential visitor views on its partner sites. It’s a win-win for the customer-they get the best deals, and the best quality!


The number one salute to technology! Cell phones were themselves a revolutionary invention when they first came. But with the sheer variety of smartphones now flooding the marketplace, the world is literally at one’s fingertips. In 2011, about 50% luxury travelers carried smartphones. Industry estimates say that by the next year itself, this figure had risen to almost 70%! And why not? They allow everything to be done with the click of a button- online airline and hotel reservations, tracking expenses, booking cabs, and paying the shopping bills at your favorite holiday destination!


Every 5-year old now knows what an app is. An abbreviation for application, an app is a software program functionality that enables you to perform a multitude of tasks. It can run everywhere-on the internet, your laptop, your mobile phone, or on other electronic devices. A very popular trend these days is to have travel apps of many kinds. They allow you to do everything from accessing directories, like in the Yelp travel app, to TripIt, an efficient little travel app that organizes your itinerary down to the last detail! Apps have also practically eliminated the need for maps, city guides and books. Everything can be carried around on your mobile phone, tablet, Ipad or laptop!

Social Networking

Practically every single person that is on a luxury travel trip wants to share updates and photographs. Whether travelling for an important business conference or vacationing in the Bahamas-everybody wants to tell their friends and associates what they were up to! Photo sharing and status updates through social networks such as Facebook, Pinterst, Instagram and Twitter is commonplace for everybody, and more so for those who travel frequently.

The list is by no means exhaustive. If your airline is delayed or cancelled, you will receive a text message from them. You can check-in online and simply breeze through at the airport. The Smart TV in your hotel room lets you check out user reviews on a holiday destination you just saw! And so on….technology is helping us truly savor and enjoy travel.


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