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How To Benefit From Timeshare Presentations: pay nothing and leave richer and happy

Updated on April 8, 2011
You can benefit from timeshare presentations!
You can benefit from timeshare presentations!

 We have all been there.  We want to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life and take a trip to paradise - only to be bombarded by high pressure time-share sales presentations.  Don't fear,  these presentations can actually be your friend and benefit you as long as you know how to play the game.

I say "game", because essentially it is a game of tug-of-war between you and the sellers.  A match of whits and of who can be the better salesperson: you (selling them why you won't buy) or them (selling you why you should buy).

How to benefit

  1. Place a value on your time: after all you are about to endure a 90 minute presentation on something you could care less about. If you really value your vacation time, you may want to receive at least $60/hr each. If you're staying at the resort for an extended period of time, you may value your time at $30/hr. Why is this important? proceed to step 2
  2. Add up the value of goods/services they will provide you for your time spent at the presentation. For example, on a recent trip to Hawaii, we were offered 2 Free tickets for the Atlantis Submarine - something we wanted to go on anyways while there. These tickets retailed for $110.00 each. 110 x 2 = $220.00 for 1.5 hrs of boredom ($73/hr each). Then we looked for ways to further increase our rate of return
  3. Timing is everything! To further increase your rate of return you are going to have to get up early! The early (breakfast) presentations will include coffe, juices and a mountain of pastries and fruit. If you stayed at the hotel, you would have gone down to the restaurant and bought breakfast. A continental breakfast usually runs about $15 - 20.00 per person.
  4. Now throw in the free gift certificates some shows give out (2 or 3 per show) and you are really starting to benefit! You are getting paid over $80/hr to eat and all you can eat breakfast while watching a couple videos and slide shows and an entertaining speaker. Of course, if you time valuation was, lets say $100/hr, you are better off relaxing at your resort and skipping the breakfast show.
  5. Best part is, once you survive the timeshare presentation or use your secret weapon (by knowing their tricks - read here), it is only 9:30 in the morning and you still have your entire day to enjoy the Free tickets you were given and digest your free breakfast!

TIP: You can haggle with the people offering the free tickets to get better deals. These people are paid "finders fees" by the resort offering time-shares. They can offer you better incentives to listen to the presentation if you ask. Also, price out the retail costs of the free gift. In our case, we chose the 2 submarine tickets at $110 each instead of the $100 gift certificate to a restaraunt ($220 vs $100 value).


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