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How To Enjoy The Catskill Mountains

Updated on February 28, 2014

Catskill Mountains

Being near mountains can be an exciting adventure and no matter the area you are in, the presence of mountains can be truly majestic. The Catskill Mountains are no exception to the awesomeness that can be present when surrounded by vast mountains and a gorgeous landscape. These mountains are located in New York and specifically in the southeastern area and within reach of Albany and the Hudson River. With an area spreading a little over 15,000 square kilometers, the Catskill Mountains can boast of elevations of at least 1,200 meters. Serene and beautiful, this landscape is enclosed within the Catskill Park and can be a great place to relax and simply have some fun. There can also be lots to do including different recreation activities and aquatic sports. There are vacation homes in the region and comfortable hotels that help visitors and residents alike enjoy the atmosphere and landscape.

View Of The Mountain


Relax When Visiting Or Residing

One way to relax when visiting or residing at the Catskill Mountain area is through the use of spa services. Essentially, spa treatments involve making the body or in particular the skin and muscles feel and look better. There are also more active ways to spend your time including activities like kayaking, free floating on inner tubes and canoeing. There are some activities which may be restricted or forbidden in certain parts of the Catskill Mountains such as swimming in the Ashokan Reservoir. This is because this reservoir is part of the water support system for the city of New York. Nevertheless, there is still a lot to do and see. Activities like fishing could occur within the Catskill Mountains. However, a permit for fishing activities may be required in certain parts of the mountains. Indeed, fly fishing is certainly quite popular and there are areas that are known for certain types of fish. Depending on the time of year, there are other activities which may occur such as camping, skiing and hiking.

In the winter months, a generous supply of snow can make room for skiing parties and gatherings. There are multiple downhill skiing sites that could be used. Hunter Mountain is one of these popular sites and there are also snow-making machines at this skiing site. The Catskill Mountain skiing sites have also been known to host ski jumping competitions. In great weather, hiking can be a great pastime and wonderful for large groups of people to do. It can be quite a bonding experience to walk up the trails surrounding the Catskill Mountains. With over 700,000 acres of land to cover, there is a lot to see and walk through. There are non-public areas too. However, the public land does present sufficient space for hiking and camping. Natural areas around the Catskill Mountains provide ample space for enjoying a camp fire on a warm summer night. There are many clearly designated camping locations and it can be typical to have others camping nearby. Popular camping grounds within the Catskill area include

Bear Spring Mountain, Monagaup Pond and Little Pond. The trails and pathways within the area also make the activity of bicycling possible. There are popular bike races that occur within the Catskill area. People can ride downhill from the mountains and also enjoy the scenery on the way down. Things to see include ponds and waterfalls. The Kaaterskill Falls is an example of a splendid waterfall to experience and enjoy.

Catskill Mountains, Hudson Valley, NY

Catskill Region

There is also some history associated with the Catskill region in terms of films that have been made in the area. There are Catskill paintings which very aptly depict the landscape and beauty that this region provides to all who visit and live in it. Enjoying the Catskill area is encapsulated in many activities and elements that could be celebrated and treasured. Business occurs in the region and there are opportunities for visiting unique destinations within this massive range of mountains. It can be a busy place with the influx of tourists especially at certain times of the year. If you are within the vicinity of these mountains, the Catskill Mountains can be a great location for company retreats, meetings, conferences and more personal experiences such as parties, anniversaries and weddings. A highly attractive feature of being in the Catskill area is the ability to enjoy nature and the extensive landscape available.

However, there is still the connection to urban amenities which enable visitors and residents enjoy the magic touch of being in both worlds. You could explore nature and still benefit from other comforts of seemingly more civilized society. You could get intrigued by the small towns that exist within the area and also be able to enjoy other amenities that you may be accustomed to. With modern technology and the Internet, it is also possible to get interactive maps of the Catskill Mountains region that can show where various features are located.

More detailed maps could reveal the locations of campgrounds, bridges, schools, golf courses, hospitals, kiosks, boating areas, museums and historic sites, viewing platforms, parking, ponds, ski centers, mountain bike sites, state parks and fishing piers. There are also regional guides that may be posted online regularly to keep people abreast of the different events occurring within the area.

Known as an excellent gateway location for many kinds of people, the Catskill Mountains provide the ability for people to experience the exhilaration of outdoor activities while taking in the majesty of the mountains around. As a tourist attraction and hot-spot, there are many opportunities to create moments and memories that can last a lifetime. If the idea of planning a Catskill vacation or outdoor event seems somewhat overwhelming, there are service providers who could be able to provide vacation deals. For example, there may be winter lodging deals available in various counties within the region. Various lodging deals can provide opportunities to enjoy the features of the location and the ambiance of the lodges. Getting a taste of the Catskill area may be truly a wonderful experience and one that you may wish to experience over and over again.

Waterfall - Catskill, New York

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