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How To Get ECA Report from WES for the Federal Skilled Worker Program FSWP 2014

Updated on August 10, 2014

Last May 1, 2014, Canada once again opened its Federal Skilled Worker Program for this year, 2014.

Among the 50 occupations listed is Registered Nurses.

For aspiring immigrants, whether they have acquired the services of a consultant, an immigration agency or cosultancy, or just doing the application all by themselves, there is a need for FSWP 2014 immigration applicants to have their foreign credentials evaluated.

To apply for a WES (World Education Services) evaluation report for your education evaluation (ECA credentials), here's what you have to do:

1. Create an account in the official website of WES for FSWP applicants:

2. Pay for the fee through credit card.

Your fee will vary depending on how you want WES to send the report back to you. You can get the regular mail, or you can choose the International Courier method of delivery and they ask for an additional 85 - 100 CAD.

Once you are done with the payment, you will see on your account that you already have a REFERENCE NUMBER.

3. Prepare your documents.

At your end, you have to send a photocopy of your Diploma.

At your school/college/university's end, they have to send a photocopy of your Transcript of Records (TOR).

Upon requesting for your school to send WES your TOR, make sure you have printed out the REQUEST FORM downloadable from the WES website. Your school has to include this sheet of paper that has been signed up by you, and your school's registrar, and include it in the sealed envelope that they will send to WES that contains your TOR.

NOTE: It is important that you fill in the box where REFERENCE NUMBER is being asked. This will facilitate faster processing of your ECA evaluation because once they receive your school documents, they can easily associate it with your reference number.

4. Send your photocopied DIPLOMA, placed in a brown envelope to WES.

I used DHL to send this.

5. Ask university administrators/personnel/registrar, to send the sealed envelope to WES.

They also used DHL to send the package.

6. Wait until both packages reach WES Canada, and wait until you see an updated status in your account that Evaluation is in Progress. Once it it completed, WES will send an email stating that they will send you your ECA Credentials report.

In my case, I preferred the International Courier option that needed additional 85 CAD, because they will provide you with a tracking number when your ECA report is on its way to you. They sent my report through UPS, and it took about 3 days in transit until it reached my address here in the Philippines.

Are you migrating to Canada, too?

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