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How To Make Older RV Parts Look New !

Updated on May 30, 2012
The hose will be covered with foam insulation and will not be seen.
The hose will be covered with foam insulation and will not be seen. | Source

For All RV's And Motorhomes

You can make an old part look new by replacing rusty screws with new ones and a little carnauba wax.

Notice the picture to the right: The bottom screw is rusty and leaves a dirty ring on the plastic hose bib when removed. Notice the new screw on top: No rusty ring on the plastic and a new white screw. All the screws on this hose bib were rusty and the plastic looked black, the hose bib looked like it needed to be replaced. But with the help of the power of carnauba wax and new screws you can make that old part look new again.

First thing to do is remove the old rusty screw and throw away. Don't try to paint the old screw it will never look new. From experience the price of new screws or bolts are an economical fix to replacement on older RV's. A box of screws will have different sizes and lengths to fix most projects.

Then apply carnauba wax to the area of rust and rub until clean. A small buffer pad on a dremmel tool works very well, but I used hand power with a thick paper towel for roughness on stained plastic, and soft cloth for fiberglass finishes. The job doesn't take long and you don't have to rub hard because the wax does the work. Carnauba is a natural sealant with a hard wax shine that can be used on glass and rubber trim around windows, painted surfaces, fiberglass, metal and clear coats.

See my other articles on "How to Clean your RV, Not Wash It".

You can find all these products you need at a CampingWorld store to keep your RV in top condition.


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