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How To: Pack Light Whilst Travelling

Updated on December 15, 2015

Be smart about it

Travelling, for most, is a hassle – from shopping for the essentials, to packing them. I, myself, have had trouble packing my suitcase, worrying about how many things I’d need for the trip – believe me, I never used to pack for just the five days that I was actually going to be on vacation. You could say my suitcase had about a year’s worth of clothes plus accessories, shoes, bags and anything else you would keep in your closet.

Because of how much I would stress in terms of what I’d need and want when I was there, I would just end up packing everything. When I told my friend about this problem, she said she was the same way – and I’m sure many others out there are too! So, here are a few tips on how to pack less for the amount of days you’ll be spending on your dream vacay.

1. Minimize your jewelry choice.

Don’t worry too much about the jewelry! You’ll most likely be wearing lots of sunscreen so you don’t want to get your precious diamond bracelet all oiled up too, now. Pick one or two of your favourite pieces that you’ll be wearing on your formal nights out, and that’s it.

2. Take one pair of flip-flops, and one pair of runners.

You don’t need to take your whole rack of shoes – no one’s going to really notice what you wear on your feet but you. Pick out your favourite flip-flops or sandals that go with most of your outfits. Don’t forget about the runners you’ll need for your adventurous excursions. Remember, we want to pack light here!

3. Plan out your outfits by day.

Plan out what you’re exactly wearing each and every day you’re away. This way, it won’t only save time deciding what to wear the day of, but will also lessen your load. Learning this trick was probably my favourite, because it’s what helped me take only the things I needed, and nothing extra.

There you go – three simple and easy steps to packing light and avoiding the “I’ll need this and this and this – JUST IN CASE.”


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