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How To Plan a Temecula Wine Tasting Tour

Updated on May 14, 2009
Temecula Wine Tasting Tours
Temecula Wine Tasting Tours

Temecula Wineries

With over thirty wineries in Temecula, visiting all of them in one day would be impossible, or at least result in becoming inebriated. Visiting three or four in one day will give you enough time to spend at each, and enjoy the total wine experience.

Temecula Wine Country is beautiful, and many of the wineries offer grassy areas to picnic, restaurants and stores, as well as wine clubs you can join. Take time to browse, relax outdoors and taste the wines they have to offer.

Temecula wine tasting tours have become a popular daytrip destination in Southern California for couples, bachelorette parties, and groups. There are a number of wine tasting tour companies that offer chauffered tours for small and large groups.

Tips For a Great Wine Tasting Tour

  1. Choose a designated driver, or hire a limo service or wine tasting tour company. Even though the tastings are small, the total amount you will drink at three or four wineries will amount to enough to put most people over the legal limit. You may also consider staying in a hotel. Rancho California Road, where most of the Temecula wineries are located, is a long stretch of road that is heavily patrolled by local police. Better to be safe than sorry.
  2. Drink water. One bottle of water at every winery will keep you from becoming dehydrated and more intoxicated by the wine.
  3. Eat lunch. Many of the wineries have beautiful patios, decks and lawns where you can relax over a great meal with friends. Some have restaurants as well. If you plan on dining at one of the winery cafes, make reservations in advance. If you are drinking wine with lunch, make sure it is from the winery where you are eating. It is considered rude to drink wine from another winery during a visit. It may also be illegal for the wineries to have open bottles of wine from other wineries on their property.
  4. Avoid cologne and perfume, they interfere with the wine tasting experience.
  5. Go through the tasting process: see, swirl and smell, slurp. Yes, it is acceptable to slurp your wine. This aerates the wine in your mouth and involves your sense of smell in the tasting.
  6. Don't finish the wines you don't like, pour them out. There will be a dump bucket at every tasting bar for this purpose.
  7. Don't finish all the wines you do like. It is tempting, but not necessary to finish every glass. You'll become less drunk and be able to visit more wineries if you taste the wines then pour out the rest.
  8. Eat the crackers or bread in between each tasting to refresh your palate.
  9. Have fun, ask questions and engage the wine server in conversation. They are very knowledgeable and excited about their wines and wineries, and are happy to share with you.

California Wine Clubs

Most Temecula wineries have membership wine clubs that ship selected bottles to members every month. Once you have finished your wine tasting tour, you may decide that you would like to join one of these clubs. Rather than revisiting the winery, you may be able to join on the winery's website, many of which are listed above.


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    • profile image

      suzanne smith 7 years ago

      I forgot on key #5. see, swirl and smell, slurp.. I prefer my method. See, Smell, Swirl, Smell, Sip, Swirl around so all my taste buds get the chance to participate and then swallow. There is a huge difference between the pouring and sniffing

      and the pouring, sniffing and then swirling and sniffing-That extra step can really really help you smell and actually taste with your nose the opening of the bouquet.

    • profile image

      suzanne smith 7 years ago

      Everyone starts the wine trip on Rancho Calif Road. I find this a huge mistake. Start on the back side of town and work your way back up RCR (Rancho Calif Rd). 1. because you cant taste al the wines in 1 day or even a weekend. 2 Starting on the back road allows you to taste the beautiful and amazing wines you wouldnt otherwise have the opportunity too because MOST peopel dont make it all the way around the loop.3 Don't eat lunch. Rather pack a cooler of water, fruit cheese and meats, that you can nibble on while your tasting at each winery. 1. Because thats what you would do if you were at home and you had wine and nibbles.. And 2. it allows you the opportunity to enjoy the blending of these tastes and your not going to get so tired or kitty lazy (nap snoozy) from the wine tasting and popping a lunch on top of it all. Most people quit tasting by 1pm right after lunch, and thats a shame because everyone knows sunset wine tasting is the way to go.

      Keep in mind- South Coast and Wilson Creek get SO Packed it can be difficult at best to taste-so later tasting is better. Monte De Oro is a brand new winery- I tasted earlier this year- the wines are still too young to be enjoyed fully-- some of the reds.. I would buy now and wait 2-3 years till it rounds off.. may seem like a long time to wait but I think well worth it. Some of my reds I have bought from Temecual Valley wineries are bottles 1998-to 2000 and I am just opening them now and they are mind blowing! I mean freaking beautiful!