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How To Send A Parcel From Thailand To The Rest Of The World

Updated on September 27, 2015


Sending a parcel from Thailand internationally to the rest of the world can be expensive.

But thankfully there are different methods to choose depending on how big the item is - even if parcel is just a small box, or the cargo can fill a whole 40ft long shipping container, there are ways to reduce the cost.

These different methods of shipping from Thailand to the rest of the world will ensure that you find the best way to send your goods at the best price.

Small Parcels Up To 2kg

For small boxes that weigh up to 2kg, the cheapest and easiest way is to use the Thai postal service.

Firstly ensure that the items are packed securely inside the box. Use lots of bubble wrap to fill any 'dead spaces' inside. These are areas that are just loose air. By filling these with bubble wrap of soft paper, it will ensure that the items inside do not shake and rattle around when they are being transported.

Secondly, cover the outside of the box in scotch tape. Yes, completely wrap it so that none of the original box can be seen. This will make sure that the box is strong and stable and doesn't break open while it is transit.

Thirdly, take the item to a Thai post office. These aren't the easiest places to find, so ask a local Thai person for directions. Once there, it is pretty easy to send the item. They will weight it at the counter and produce a bill.

The price will depend on whether Thai postal (economy) is used or EMS, which is an international courier service and is tracked every step of the way. EMS is also more expensive.

The Thai postal service is useful for sending small items up to approximately 2kg in weight
The Thai postal service is useful for sending small items up to approximately 2kg in weight

Customs Charges

Always remember customs charges when receiving goods from another country. For example, when the package arrives in the home country there will almost certainly be come costs associated. In the UK, import VAT is 20% while duty is around 7%. If the value of the goods has been declared at £100gbp, thats an extra £27 to pay, plus any administrative costs that the shipping firms adds on, or charges for using the port where it lands.

Large Parcels Up To 50kg

Parcels that are large and heavy are best sent by international courier. What does this mean? Well, EMS through the Thai postal service is probably not the best option.

Companies like DHL and Fed EX all offer fairly competitive rates. Fox example, a full cardboard box that weights around 30kg will probably cost around 150usd (5,500THB) to send by courier.

But what's the best way to get these rates? Well, firstly do not book directly with the company. Booking directly with DHL, UPS, Fed Ex or other international courier will be expensive.

The cheapest way is to book this service through a shipping agent. They receive huge discounts from the companies because they send in bulk. The savings are passed on to the customer and this results in cheaper shipping costs.

Transglobal Express is a very reliable UK-based shipping agent that can book the parcels online and arrange for them to be collected and delivered. There are also many local agents in Thailand that can offer similar prices and shipping discounts for sending packages by courier.

A DHL cargo plane in Thailand. International courier firms are the best option when sending medium sized parcels
A DHL cargo plane in Thailand. International courier firms are the best option when sending medium sized parcels

Extra Large Cargo Or Many Boxes

Extra large cargo is the kind that is too big and heavy to send by plane. It would simply cost way too much.

These kind of parcels have to be sent by sea.

The goods are loaded into a shipping container, which can be up to 40ft in length.

If the amount of packages cannot fill the container on there own, they will be included with boxes with other customers.

For large volumes of goods this is the cheapest way of sending from Thailand to the rest of the world.

However, remember that for it to be cost effective it does have to be a LARGE amount. That's because there are certain export and customs costs in Thailand that generally amount to around 20,000THB (700usd) plus the customs clearance charges in the receiving country and the charges for using the shipping port.

This kind of method is generally used for commercial shipments., However, shipping containers are also commonly used for home relocations.

There are many shipping agencies, freight forwarders and cargo transporters based in Thailand. The AZ Freight directory has a large list.

Shipping containers are best for large a mounts of cargo
Shipping containers are best for large a mounts of cargo


Check the size, weight and value of your package. For small parcels use the postal service, medium sized items use an international courier firm, and for large amounts of boxes or large cargo use a shipping container.


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