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How To - Write an Envelope

Updated on March 20, 2013

Do you have a penpal in a different part of the world? Do you have bills that need to be mailed monthly? Or maybe you have family that you'd like to invite to a wedding or party. If you are looking to mail a letter, there are a few things you will need to acquire first.

  1. Paper & Writing Utensil
  2. Stamps
  3. Envelopes

Once you have all the items mentioned above its time to write that letter!

Now that the letter is written, place it in the envelope by folding it any way you desire but remember it must fit in the envelope to where the flap can be "licked" or the adhesive can be applied.

Its time for the most important part, writing on the envelope! There are examples below of how an envelope should look but just in case here is a step by step to make sure YOUR mail reaches its intended destination.

Step 1
Be sure to have your own address where you can copy it to the Upper left hand corner (see Sender's Address on Example 1) Be sure to write your name so that the person receiving the letter will know who sent it. Under your name, continue to write your street name (see example 2) then under that your City, State, and Zip code.

Step 2
Next make sure you have the recipient's (the person it is to) name and address on hand to copy it to the envelope (see example 1). Like you did your own name but this time in the center of the envelope, Name (first and last) first, then street address under that, and again the City, State, and Zip code beneath that.

Step 3
Final Step, after double checking to make sure that both yours and their addresses are correct, take ONE stamp and place it in the top right hand corner of your envelope as shown in examples 1 and 2. Once this is done, you may mail off your letter and expect it to get to its destination within at most 3-4 days within the USA.

Congratulations you have completed your first envelope! 

- Written by: Amanda


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    • profile image

      BigG 6 years ago

      I forgot how to write it in few months. THX!!!

    • profile image

      unluckiest person on the world 6 years ago

      i was really mad that they showed this because than my grandparents mad me write a letter to them when they send me a letter so now every Tuesday i get a letter and i have to reply or I get grounded

    • Borsia profile image

      Borsia 7 years ago from Currently, Philippines

      Since I see this in the travel section I would point out that mail is pretty much a 1st world thing. In much of the 3rd world they either have no real mail delivery system or their systems are too slow and corrupt to be of much use.

      If you are planning a trip to the 3rd world and plan to stay any length of time set up all of your bills to pay online or arrange for someone to mail checks from within your country.

    • profile image

      heygirl 7 years ago

      this was actually very i can do my BJC exams

    • profile image

      ashunga 7 years ago

      haha i wouldn't be too worried, so did I

    • successfulblogger profile image

      successfulblogger 8 years ago from Los Angeles,Ca

      I admit it, I forgot how to do this a few months back.