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How Do You Own a Home in America? Housing Prices in the United States

Updated on January 10, 2020

the best location

If you want to buy a house in the United States of America, the average for a decent home is not less than 200 thousand dollars, and that varies according to the location, according to the "MIC" website, and the problem is always not in the level of savings but in the location that you can invest or live in.

According to news agencies, the value of homes also depends on other issues such as location movement in terms of job availability in the region so that there is high demand, and since the housing crisis in 2008 the situation has recovered relatively last year, but the level of house prices remains lower His level for decades.

Now there are signs that the situation has started to push for the better, as ownership rates have risen to nearly 63.7%, according to the latest quarterly report from the US Census Bureau. It also appears that the disparity in housing, or the gap in home ownership rates between the richest and poorest people, is also shrinking.

This is according to a recent analysis by housing economists at the Trolea Real Estate website, which looked at home ownership rates for families whose owners are between the ages of 25 and 55 in the 100 largest real estate or housing markets in the United States. While rich families (known to be at the forefront of three layers that can enter the real estate market) are still more likely to own a house at a rate of 2.3 times than their neighbors in the rest of the classes, this represents an improvement of 4% compared to 2012 when the proportion of ownership Wealthiest households up to 2.4 times.

Given that income inequality has continued to climb during the same period, a surprising result in particular has been shown, according to Philippe Chacon, a housing economist in Trolea, who stated in a telephone interview: "The income gap is widening, but this is Not a big factor in homeownership. " He added: "There are other factors in the issue of the home market, narrowing or widening the gaps, which are that there is a wide range of options on the prices of homes in some markets."

Here are the 7 most markets that middle-income or somewhat poor Americans can own homes in, where they are still comfortable and financially adaptable: In the seventh place: Montgomery County, Pennsylvania: It is a relatively rich area northwest of Philadelphia, and the average family income It has more than 94 thousand dollars annually, and the average value of the house in it reaches 280, 321 dollars, yet families in the lower third of the financial level are still able to find affordable homes, with an ownership percentage of 41% ..

How do you own a home in America? .. Find out about house prices in the United States

New York real estate tax system "strangest" globally

The real estate market in New York recorded a strong leap in the last 5 years, as a one-bedroom apartment costs $ 1.4 million, but it remains half of what it pays in other major cities, but important things related to financing, the quality of the property, and taxes that are considered " The strangest "around the world recognition by experts themselves, before making a decision.

Initially there are two types of real estate in New York condominiums and coops, the main difference being that in condominiums you own the apartment directly, while in the coop the buyer will become a shareholder in the building but he has a rental property for a specific apartment without directly owning it, and he does not have the other rights.

It should be noted that since the year 1986 all new real estate in New York is condominiums, the other thing to pay attention to is the annual taxes that you pay after owning the property and it varies according to its classification.

Nothing is stranger in the world than the New York state tax system. Detached houses up to 3 bedrooms are subject to 6% tax, of the estimated value. But condo and coop apartments are subject to a tax of 45% of the estimated value, and this is measured by the tax that is paid on a similar but rented building.

But on the reality of the land, the estimated value of the property is much lower than the real market price, which makes the actual tax rate very low compared to the numbers we hear.

For example, apartment designer Tommy Hilfiger, which was offered for sale at 75 million dollars in the beginning, to reduce the price later to 69 million dollars. The apartment pays $ 104,000 annually, which makes the effective tax rate at 0.14% of the sale price, in addition to another $ 100,000 as a service cost, which means that $ 17,000 is paid for taxes and public services for the building.

But what's the point of registering a home in the name of a company?
Often all of these apartments at exorbitant prices are sold to limited liability companies, and the reason is that this keeps the apartment residents secret. Another benefit of buying a property through a limited liability company is that, for example, if someone slips while walking in the apartment, he can file a case that extends to all the assets of the owners if they bought the apartment in their names and not through a limited liability company, which as the name indicates is limited to the contribution of each partner in the company.

Buying a home in New York may give the buyer permanent residence, but he has to search for real estate projects that create jobs for 10 people for every foreign investor classified within the EB-5 visa program, but the size of the investment should not be less than 500 thousand to one million dollars.


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