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How much are Disneyland Tickets?

Updated on June 10, 2013

Disneyland tickets change from time to time, so asking how much you are going to pay to enter the park is a good question. As of June 2013, the adult price for a day admission to Disneyland Park or Disney California Adventure Park costs $92. The child price for children under the age of 10 is $86.

The purchase of this type of ticket will admit you to either park. If you want to enter both parks on the same day, you need to purchase a 1-Day Park Hopper Ticket. The price will set you back $137 for the adult ticket or $131 for the children's admission. It is well worth price to get the park hopper ticket since there are excellent rides and attractions in both parks.

If you have can spend a few days there, you can get two or more theme park passes that will give you more time to enjoy both parks. The second day will run you about $70 more per ticket but it is far less expensive if you decide to buy tickets for individual days.

2011 Disneyland Ticket Prices shown on Gift Cards
2011 Disneyland Ticket Prices shown on Gift Cards | Source

Annual Passports are the Best Value

If you can splurge, I recommend getting an annual passport where you can visit both parks during the year. Some days are blacked out so you need to decide which is best for you. The least expensive passport has all Saturdays and the summer blocked out so you can only attend about 9 1/2 months during the year. If you purchase the Premium Passport, you have 365 days available for you.

To break even, you really need to attend the park at least 4 times during the year, otherwise, just pay the gate price.

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