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How to Choose the Best Bike Rack For Your Car

Updated on December 5, 2013

For people who love biking, following trails, and exercising, choosing the best bike rack for their car is in order. These racks secure the bike as they travel the highways and down the dirt roads to follow that elusive trail. It is only necessary that they get the best rack that their money can buy.

When choosing a bike rack for your car, take time to answer the following questions:

How many bikes do you intend to carry?

If you’re the lone biker type, then a one-bike rack is sufficient. If you prefer biking with a loved one, the rest of family, or a bunch of friends, then racks that can hold more than one bike is definitely the better choice.

What system works for you?

There are different kinds of bike racks and each one of them works in fairly a different manner. There are tilt down, swing away, fold down, and parallelogram racks that can secure either one or both of the wheels of your bike. If you require superior security, check out the way the rack holds your bike and evaluate it according to strength, tension, ease of use, and installation requirements.

Hitch mounted rack with four bicycles fits vehicles with a 2 inch trailer and you can install it in less than 5 minutes. Trunk mount rack contains side straps for increased lateral stability, individual tie-downs secure, and padded lower frame.

Where should the rack go?

Where in your car the bike rack has to be installed is also a good basis for decision. There are bike racks that go to the rooftop or the truck bed. There are also special suv bike racks for recreational vehicles and camper vans. There are few types of racks like on the roof, rear of car: hanging from car body or rear of car: tow-bar or hitch mounted bike racks. Roof racks can carry lots of bikes and there is no fear of your bicycles being smashed. Hanging racks are portable, comes in specialised versions, and fits on a variety of car styles. Tow-bar racks are generally sturdy, but you need a tow-bar ball installed on your car.

Determine the make of your car and the bike itself. Then decide which type of rack matches your needs best.

What type of racks you choose?

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How much is your budget?

If budget is not a huge concern, then you can skip this step and go out shopping. But if you want the best value for your money, the best places to buy bike racks are at Amazon’s and Walmart. Roof racks costs around $140, while rear racks costs around $200. Amazon offers a wide variety of racks and prices range depending of brand, how many bicycles, features, and type. For example, those attached to a trunk, costs around $50, while hitch mounted between $50 and $90.

These stores will most likely carry good options for you, all at half the price offered by the different specialty bike shops in your area.


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