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How to Enjoy Summer Even if You are Working

Updated on June 5, 2020

With the scorching heat and stressful work concerns, many want to break the routine and just go on an escape route with a refreshing activity to fill in the hours. Even if you have an eight to five work or a grave night shift, there are a lot of ways to make the most of your free time. You simply have to know how to handle your own situation well.

First, know that there are different kinds of jobs. It may be a full day schedule or a project field summer season, but you have to know when to take a step back. Second, prepare to plan ahead of time and file your leaves accordingly. Then, to further help you decide, here are some ideal work-vacation tips for you.

When you work eight-to-five

If you are a full-time employee, where you have to stay in the office for eight hours, it might seem very difficult to find free time. It is more difficult for you to even take leaves on weekdays because you have your regular weekends off. There is also a constant concern with tasks piling up (fast!).

Your take: Have at least one week off. This will be your breathing time to interrupt your predictable, monotonous work routine.

Don't worry. The predictability of your job would be of benefit to you. You can prepare or do everything you need to do before your vacation. Also, you may check with the human resource team, your supervisor, or the proper administrative staff who can remind you about the vacation credits that you can use.

Look around. Find inspiration.
Look around. Find inspiration. | Source

When you are on-call

You may be juggling many things on your hands, and you end up in various places but never enjoy the view. This is the scenario for many people who are always on-call for their jobs. There may be short breaks, but they are limited. The chances are that you have to give that precious free time when you receive a phone call or an urgent text message regarding your report. There is even a need to update your superior at times when you wish to simply relax and appreciate the beautiful destination that you are in at the moment.

Your take: Enjoy some stay-at-home vacation. It is the best way to enjoy those precious breaks. You are already on-call and going around various places, why not stay at home, prepare some delicious food, and relax. This will give you enough time for yourself. After all, this is a great trend in the city, make it work for you. #Staycation

No Money? Stay close to home.

Manila, philippines:
Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines

get directions

There are a lot of parks and recreational places to see. Explore the local scene.

Get a nice view of your hometown
Get a nice view of your hometown

When you hold your own time

In this case, you may be a freelancer with tasks that you do in your own time. You are fixing your schedule and filling up the dates with projects. You might completely book the whole month or two, and this is where you need to have some getaway.

Your take: Enjoy a whole week or even two away from your projects. Check some great vacation areas to explore. You might even want to go with your best friend. This will help you re-charge and will give you time to refresh your creative outlet. Remember that even if you hold your own time for work, don't forget to take some time off. Don't overwork.

Go to the road less traveled

Enjoy nature's beauty
Enjoy nature's beauty | Source

Some tips to catch

Full Time Employee
Your own manager
Save up
Travel off-season
Find good places
Prepare a month ahead
Prepare your to-do list
Two to three weeks break
Work double time before leave
Make your home for relaxing
Make your own itinerary

When you work really long hours

Over time, all the time?

You may be a very hardworking person who enjoys the flow of tasks and the adrenalin of responsibility. This may mean going home very late and even very early in the morning just to finish a task. This is a problematic scene for having a burnout.

This can be challenging because some might only say yes to vacation when they are already too exhausted from work that they hated it already. Don't be like this.

Your take: Give yourself some weekend trips. You have to take short vacations in between your full schedule. You need this to continue with your busy job. Take advantage of long weekends during the holidays. This will give you enough time to energize. You won't have to be bored for staying away from work too long.

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Unwind in a special place just a few minutes away from homeHave a tour of the nearby local placesYou may even go to a nearby beach
Unwind in a special place just a few minutes away from home
Unwind in a special place just a few minutes away from home
Have a tour of the nearby local places
Have a tour of the nearby local places
You may even go to a nearby beach
You may even go to a nearby beach

Where do you usually spend your vacation?

See results

Choose Your Destination Well

Whatever your situation is for work, don't forget to find time for yourself. There will always be work and more work to do, so get a chance to invest some quality getaway for your benefit as well. Don't be stuck with your tasks. Enjoy the beauty of traveling. Then when you know your hours and understand the responsibilities you should face, you can try to adjust your get-away from those and find a place or activity which will really help you relax.


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