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How to Find A Vacation House To Rent Near Paris, France

Updated on March 9, 2011

The City of Lights

Paris, France is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations. Known as the "city of lights", Paris is also known for its historic architecture, famous artwork, sidewalk cafe's and non-stop nightlife. Vacation home rentals in, or around, Paris are plentiful and varied in style, amenities and cost. Paris itself is divided into 20 numbered districts-each with a distinct flavor and style. In addition, for anyone wishing to experience Paris from the beauty of the countryside, small country cottages or sprawling villas are also an option.

1. Decide on a budget. The budget you are working with will have a direct effect on where you will be able to rent a home in the Paris area. Homes or apartments near major attractions such as the Eiffel Tower or along the Champs Elysees, for example, will be considerably more expensive to rent than other areas of the city. Likewise, sprawling villas in the countryside outside Paris can be costly but you can also find smaller authentic homes in the Paris countryside for those on a budget.

2. Make a list of important features for your rental. Each vacationer will have a unique list of features, but common considerations include the number of bedrooms and bathrooms, proximity (or distance) from popular attractions, parking, telephone or internet service and housekeeping or meal services. Many Paris apartments or homes will provide services such as housekeeping and some offer the American equivalent of a bed and breakfast.

3. Locate a service that matches renters with available homes. Although finding individual homes for rent directly from the owners is possible, when renting a vacation home in another country it is advisable to go through an established agency in case of any problems or last minute changes. The Internet is a great source for finding vacation home rentals as are local travel agencies. Provide them with your criteria for a rental and the dates of your visit. Make a selection based on the options they provide for you.

Spend as much time as possible researching the company you choose to use for your rental search. Asking for recommendations is advisable. You may wish to communicate with more than one company to see which one is able to get you the best deal.

4. Request a copy of the rental agreement in writing via fax or mail. Make sure the terms of your agreement made over the Internet or phone are reflected in the written agreement. Contact the management company at least two weeks prior to your departure to confirm the rental.


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