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How to Find Family Vacation Deals

Updated on May 27, 2009

Planning a family vacation can be a stressful project. There are many options to choose from, activities to consider, and different family member’s preferences to balance. How do you find a family vacation deal that will make everyone in your family happy? Here are some tips for getting the most out of your family vacation.

1. Consider a resort or lodge. Many resorts or lodges make great family vacations because they offer different activities for everyone in your family. Dad can golf, Mom can get a spa treatment, and the kids can swim or take part in group activities planned just for them. Everyone can then come together for meals or family activities, providing your family with a balance of independence and togetherness.

There are many family-friendly resorts and lodges to choose from. You may want to consider location, activities, cost, and any resort/lodge theme in making your decision. is a great place to begin your search. Here you can search by state, resort type, accommodation type, amenities, and more. Each resort/lodge listing contains contact information, reviews, photographs, and information about accommodations. Look for “all-inclusive” vacation deals that provide lodging, entertainment, transportation, and meals for your family. This is not only the best deal, but also relieves you of the burden of planning every detail of the vacation yourself.

2. Consider inexpensive destinations. Some states are more expensive to vacation in than others. Hawaii, for instance, will cost your family significantly more than South Dakota. So, unless your family is particularly set on Hawaii, choosing a less expensive location will give you a better vacation deal. Check out BudgetTravel for tips on choosing an inexpensive destination, as well as updates on attractions and events happening throughout the country. You can also find tips for vacationing with children and guides for getting the best deals on airfare, lodging, car rentals, and more.

3. Consider inexpensive types of vacations. The cost of a family vacation varies dramatically with what type of family vacation you take. For instance, camping is a relatively inexpensive option that can be great fun for families who enjoy hiking, roasting marshmallows, or just being outdoors. The costs of camping are low, particularly since many items—a tent, sleeping bags, etc—are one-time purchases that will cost you nothing if you go camping multiple times. Cruises are also a good deal for a family vacation because they are all-inclusive, eliminating most unforeseen costs that can come up with other vacations. Any kind of all-inclusive vacation will lessen your financial burden and allow you to relax.

Image Credit: dawnzy58, Flickr


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