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How To Pack For Vaction: The Essentials.

Updated on January 31, 2015

How to: Pack for Vacation!

What is a vacation?

Well, for preparedness’ sake: it is simply a few days of your life away from the accommodations of your own home, in exchange for the accommodations of a foreign environment. It is said that humans are creatures of habit. In order to pack for a vacation in which you are 100% comfortable and at ease in your foreign environment, one must be prepared with every amenity that they utilize on an everyday basis.

*Remember, being 100% comfortable on even a few days away from home can be the difference between a vacation feeling like work, and even work trips feeling like vacation!

The absolutes: Everyday essentials


2. Toothpaste

3. Comb or Hairbrush

4. Any hair product (gel, mouse, hair ties, head bands) you use on a regular basis

5. Face wash

6. Shavers and shave cream

7. Face cream and body lotion

8. Fragrance Spray/ Deodorant

9. Make-up bag (for those that use make-up)

10. Vitamins/ Everyday prescriptions

To have on your persons while you travel:

Some cash


Tickets (plane, train, boat, show)

Debit/Credit Card Phone

What to bring with you to wear:

Most vacation destination spots are focused on the beautiful warm weather or maybe even it’s the scenic beauty of a cold spot. With that said, don’t get caught in a hot place on a cold night with no sweatshirt! Or on a warm day in a cold place with only wool to wear! Your vacation will inevitably become more expensive if you fail to be prepared.

Identify the type of vacation you will be taking!

1. Warm Weather Get-Away – Beach Trips. Florida, California, Mexico

2. Cold Weather Get Away- Ski Trips. Colorado, Vermont, New Hampshire

No matter where you have chosen for your get away, you know better than anywhere else that you have specific pieces of wardrobe that you can’t go without. In fact an outfit without these clothing staples is the exception to the rule. For me, it is without a doubt at least 1 pair of yoga pants, and almost all of my outfits have a camisole tank top underneath.

Absolutes of Wardrobe Essentials:

1. Under garments (underwear, bras)

2. Night Shirts (loose shirts that can duel as pajamas)

3. Socks

4. Tank tops or undershirts

5. At least 2 pairs of shoes

-comfort oriented

-one sneaker-like tie on shoe that will serve well for long periods of walking -one slip on pair of shoes, for quick departures

Warm Weather Get Away Packing Ideas:

1. Bathing Suits

2. Suntan lotion/ Sunblock

3. Shorts

4. Variety of short sleeve tops

5. 1 pair of jeans

6. flip flops

7. sunglasses

8. cold-weather night back up sweatshirt or jacket

9. sun dress for females, basketball/work-out shorts for males

10. Bug spray

11. Light night jacket

12. 1 long sleeve shirt

Cold Weather Get Away Packing Ideas:

1. Sweaters (going out with warmth in mind)

2. Sweat Shirts (staying in with warmth in mind)

3. Long Socks

4. Boots (Uggs/ Similar type for warmth, waterproof for winter sports)

5. Winter Jacket

6. Scarves

7. Gloves/ Mittens

8. 1 pair of jeans

9. Warm weather light cover-up

10. Warm weather t-shirts for highly heated areas/ warm days

11. Ear Muffs

12. Cold Weather Hats

Questions to ask when packing for a trip:

What is the weather supposed to be like?

Is there supposed to be rain at all?

Should I bring my camera?

Will I be indoors or outdoors most of my time?

Should I bring a backpack for day trips?

Will I have access to towels from a hotel or host?

Will I have access to an hair dryer from a hotel or host?

Should I bring batteries?

Do I have some work or reading to do on my own to keep my time occupied on a beach or in a lodge?

Will I have wifi access?

Am I bringing anything I might need to make sure is insured before I leave for my trip?

Do I have my phone charger with me?

Am I going to need sunglasses?

Have I informed someone of where I am going, when I am leaving and when I am expected to arrive?

Should I pack some non-perishable food items to take with me?

Will I have access to my own source of cooking/food preparation?

Have I arranged all proper transportation for myself?

Have I arranged for someone to pick up my mail while I am away/ check on my house?

If I have any pets I am leaving behind, have I arranged for the proper pet care?

Do I need a passport?

By this point, you should be feel much more prepared to start preparing for you vacation get-away, no matter the duration of the trip! So get to thinking, planning, and packing... oh, and have FUN on your vacation!


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