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How to Register your credit card on the SWGLOBAL LLC

Updated on May 29, 2014

Register your credit card or Debit Card on SWGLOBAL LLC

To enable an Applicant for the Nigerian e-Passport or Nigerian Visa make the online payment to obtain the services, they must make their payments online at the Nigeria Immigration Services website or through the SWGLOBAL LLC Payment Portal.

The payment process is quite simple if the Applicant is the one making payment for their own application. However, for any non-applicant to make payments for someone else, they must get their payment card (Visa card or MasterCard) duly registered on the website to get authentication.

The whole process is outlined on the website of the SWGLOBAL LLC, but as you have seen, we will try and get the process simplified for you on this site.

Please be advised that the SWGLOBAL LLC website uses the Verified by Visa and the MasterCard Secure Authentication Processes to enable the full security of your payment cards while making payments through the SWGLOBAL LLC Payment a Portal.

.......Thus only visa Card or MasterCard or any other Verified by Visa card authorised to be .......

The registration process is very simple and when done properly, the SWGLOBAL LLC payment Portal promises to revert to all successful Applicants in a space of 2 to 3 working days (excluding holidays).

Once an Applicant has adhered to their instructions as outlined on the SWGLOBAL LLC website and have successfully registered their Credit Card or Debit Card or authorised Payment Cards, they will receive an email indicating the success and a message on the length of time it would take for the Payment a Card authorisation to take place.

To ensure a smooth SWGLOBAL LLC Payment Card registration process, simply log on to the SWGLOBAL LLC website, click on Manage Credit card, then Register credit Card.

Once on the Register Credit card, the Registration form will appear. Follow the prompts and upload all required documents as already outlined on Applying and making ePassport payment for Family Members.

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